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Whatever you want to know about Masturbation is here!

Naturally, we are sexual beings. Sex is a significant part of our personal development and continuity as a species. It’s also among our primary needs, and it should be fulfilled to grant psychological & physical stability. However, sexuality is a diverse spectrum, and it includes a variety of different practices. That said, today we’re going to talk about masturbation, its side effects, benefits & health risks.

What is masturbation?

It’s a rhetorical question! We all know what it is, don’t we?

Simply put, masturbation is a common activity among men, women, and other genders across all human societies & cultures. However, it is different than sexual behaviors because when it’s practiced, people use self-stimulation to reach sexual arousal and have an orgasm. In other words, masturbation is a form of self-release wherein one stimulates their genitals to achieve pleasure without relying on partners.

Is masturbation normal? 

Generally, masturbating is a stigmatized practice. And it’s associated with negative feelings like guilt, shame, and perversity. This usually stems from various religious, cultural, and traditional beliefs in different societies. For example, many religions around the world consider masturbation to be a grave sin to commit. Some religious beliefs even describe it as a disordered behavior that must be cured. 

On the other hand, other cultures & mythologies have a different view of masturbation. As an example, in Egyptian Mythology masturbating is a sacred act that symbolizes fertility and the birth of life. This is related to the Egyptian god Atum who masturbated the world into existence (let’s not laugh at this) (Okay you can laugh, I just did). Accordingly, naughty Egyptians believed that masturbating is a sacred act of creation (it should be practiced as an offering to gods). 

Masturbation in the wildlife

Among animals, sex is a reproductive activity that has a primary purpose: procreation. But research suggests that animals engage in other sexual practices such as masturbation for non-reproductive goals. To put it differently, animals do beat their satans to achieve self-pleasure regardless of reproduction.

But to counteract this argument, we might suggest the following:

  • Animals masturbate because they cannot have sexual intercourse with prospective mates for different reasons.
  • Sometimes, animals (males most of the time) beat jacks (or satan if you want) because they’re not dominant within their social hierarchy. Thus, they cannot mate with sexy females.
  • The majority of animal masturbators are males (not surprising though). So there is a good chance that animal masturbation is practiced as a reaction to a lack of sexual intercourse & pleasure.

Also, laboratory research claims that masturbating for animals is a learned behavior. And that it’s endorsed by their sexual instincts & reward system. That’s why when in captivity, mammals develop masturbatory behaviors. For instance, male marmosets are claimed to suck their penises, if they’re captive and unable to mate.

A side note: although the majority of animal masturbators are males, there’s a wide variety of female masturbators (we know about). I also like to add that this section doesn’t determine whether masturbating is normal or not. After all, nature is a complex realm that cannot be explained in definitive terms. So, read this pen’s cumshot and wipe your brain.

The NoFap: Anti-masturbation

The NoFap is an activist community that fights against porn addiction & masturbation. It claims that masturbating and porn are destructive habits that undermine the quality of human life. NoFap followers promote anti-masturbation, abstaining from pornography, and compulsive sexual behaviors. They also encourage people to avoid consuming pornographic content and call for banning it.

People who join this community have different religious, ethical, and ideological motivations. Others join believing in the NoFap’s ideals, and how they might improve their life quality & health. Therefore, they glorify the belief that beating jack is not normal. Instead, it’s a destructive act. 

Still, although this movement is flooded with a large community, their approach is considered to be radical. That’s because their perspective on human sexuality is not supported by science or medicine apparently. There are numerous YouTubers and content creators who documented their NoFap experiences on their websites and YouTube channels, but nothing scientifically-backed yet!

P.S: If you are a NoFapper yourself, this section isn’t intended to offend you in any way. We’re only trying to provide diverse perspectives on our topic to offer valuable content. Please, share yours with us in the comment section!

Masturbation & modern science

According to modern science, masturbating is completely normal. It actually is considered a significant part of our psychological & physical development. When we reach puberty, self-pleasure through self-stimulation is necessary to explore our sexuality.

It helps us understand the different aspects of our bodies and ourselves as individuals. Because even before reaching puberty, children start playing with their genitals between the age of 2 and 6. It is a premature phase in which they start interacting with their body parts. Thus, they begin developing a basic understanding of their intimate organs & sexual identity.

Above that, medical experts encourage people of all ages to be free in terms of self-pleasure. They assure that masturbation isn’t bad, harmful, nor is it negative for health. In fact, scientific research claims that masturbating is healthy, and it has both physical & mental benefits. Not only that, it’s the safest sex activity. That’s because it will never lead to pregnancy or serious diseases like STD, HPV, Syphilis, etc.

Still, this is not to suggest that over-masturbating is recommended, for it may cause some health issues. Or may not!? Eitherway, we ain’t responsible.

Masturbation: men v.s women

Global stats show that men masturbate more often than women (we beating em guys keep it up). For instance, it’s globally estimated that men masturbate over 140 times a year. Whereas, women masturbate only 53 times annually on average. This points out a gap between the two sexes. This gap is usually explained through the stigma revolving around women’s self-pleasure. 

Global surveys suggest that women masturbate less than men because of cultural stigmatization. In other words, male masturbation is more accepted. Still, when it comes to females, it’s usually linked with a feeling of inferiority, intolerance, and inability to control oneself!

Still, now female solo sex habits are more & more accepted and encouraged. It’s’ thanks to sex education and a rise in cultural awareness.

Apart from this, it’s scientifically normal and healthy for men, women, and other genders to masturbate. Accordingly, it must be performed naturally, so that individuals can understand their needs and have a healthy outlook on their sexuality.

Masturbation side effects

Although it’s considered scientifically harmless and healthy, excessiveness has negative side effects. However, before listing the negatives, we need first to define what excessive masturbation is.

The problem with this term is that the answer is subjective. Meaning there isn’t a fixed definition for it. What is excessive for you might not be excessive for other masturbators. A simple definition can be roughly summed up in the following:

Excessive masturbation is when people become obsessive about masturbating. It’s a state in which you overthink about self-pleasure; thus, performing it more often than usual. In turn, it becomes almost an addiction that disrupts your daily life & relationships.

Having said that, if you feel that you’re thinking about touching yourself a lot, and it disrupts your life, I suggest you seek medical help or talk to a specialist to overcome this problem. Or just don’t do it!

Side effects of excessive masturbating

The side effects include but are not limited to:

  1. Low sensitivity during sexual intercourse & delay in reaching climax
  2. Suffering from erectile dysfunction & penis rawness
  3. Masturbating with sex toys (vibrators & dildos for women) reduces sensitivity in sex. They also may result in intoxicating your system because of the materials the thingies are made of.
  4. Masturbating to porn rewire your neurological channels, thus leading to mental problems.
  5. Decrease in Testosterone, muscle loss, mood swings
  6. depletion of nutrients & minerals
  7. Unstable change in hormones
  8. Disruption of daily life & undermining relationships
  9. Addiction & low self-esteem due (pornography dependence)
  10. Sore genitals & low sperm count caused by reduced levels of testosterone
  11. Exhaustion of the body’s resources of minerals because sperm-production isn’t easy
  12. Uncontrollable & abnormal dopamine release. Which may result in mood-swings and addiction.

Masturbating health risks

By now, it’s clear over-masturbating isn’t a good idea! And that it has many negative side-effects on your health. Still, is this enough to cause serious health risks or not?

Scientifically speaking, there isn’t enough evidence supporting this idea. Although in some extreme cases, chronic masturbation might lead to genital injuries. And sometimes it can even lead to Peyronie’s disease for men, which is a non-cancerous medical condition. It usually results in serious erectile pain and disrupts sex. (You don’t want to lose the ability to have sex bro! better control jack a bit!)

Masturbation orgasm vs orgasm by intercourse

Having sexual intercourse includes many beneficial elements thanks to its real intimacy. in other words, when having sex, there is a real intimate connection of two bodies making love. This results in positive hormonal changes that are good for your overall health & sex life. That’s what makes sex orgasms different and more delicious than that of jack beats.

On the other hand, orgasm masturbation is artificial, fake, and pornographic. Therefore, it results in less positive hormonal changes. Accordinglyn it doesn’t have the same benefits as actual sex’s orgasm. However, this doesn’t suggest you stop masturbating. You just need to consider reducing the frequency of doing based on how it affects the quality of your life.

Benefits of masturbation

Apart from helping people discover their sexuality & release tension, masturbation has numerous health benefits such as:

  • helping you relax & reduce stress
  • improving sleep quality
  • Triggering the brain to release endorphins, which are opioid-like transmitters that cause mental & physical satisfaction
  • It helps release tenstion & improve sleep quality. That’s because when you ejaculate, your veins widen a little, allowing blood to run faster all throughout your body. Thus sleeping more deeply and comfortably (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).

That being said, you can reap out masturbation benefits as long as you don’t over-masturbate. You should draw a line between when self-pleasure is regular, and when it’s excessive. This will help you know when you need to stop, or whether you need professional help.

In general, sex-therapists recommend no more than one to two beating sessions per week. Even once a month is still considered good and healthy. But thrice a week might end curving your Zeus or reducing your sperms’ quality. Better protect the children boy! You too girl! We know you’re reading this too.


Dear reader (who masturbate), we genuinely hope this article has been helpful & insightful. We hope it answers your questions and provides value to life. But we are always pursuing improving our content and helping you even more. And this can only happen by the help of our community; You! Share your thoughts with us in the comment box or in an Email!

Also, we’d like to say that our content doesn’t aim at demonizing, nor does it normalize masturbation. Our main goal is to provide diverse perspectives & inclusive info about the topic. So that you can decide for yourself what suits you best. After all, it’s your body and private life, and no one has the right to violate that personal luxury.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, hit the comment section below! We will be more than pleased to hear from you. Thanks!

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9 months ago

[…] Whatever you want to know about Masturbation is here! […]

9 months ago

[…] Whatever you want to know about Masturbation is here! […]

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