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All We Know About The Witcher 4 So Far!

After the much anticipated (and frankly, disappointing) release of Cyberpunk 2077! A lot of speculation arose about which releases will be coming out under CD Projekt Red in the upcoming years. And, the witcher 4 game is part of them.

Thankfully, a few months ago CDPR confirmed that they would be releasing a further installment in the legendary Witcher franchise. Therefore, many fans have begun speculating about the potential plot and setting of the newest sequel of this game series.

In this article, we will discuss all the possible potential elements of the new Witcher game. We’ll also discuss what new features and characters the game will introduce in this new release.

Title: What Will be the real title of the game?

This aspect of the game can be entirely speculated based on a plethora of story options that the New Witcher Game can be based upon. All due to the very open-ended cliffhanger ending we saw on the Witcher 3.

What this essentially means is that Witcher 4 can take place in a whole new part of the Witcher universe. This includes all of its many different continents and worlds that all fans of the book series know and love.

However, although the story options are limitless, we need to consider one major hint that CD Projekt Red left for us on their official announcement.

This hint we’re talking about is none other than the Lynx school medallion included on the announcement brochure for the game.

This means that both the legendary duo of Geralt and his spiritual daughter Ciri potentially won’t be in the game. That’s because neither of them belongs to the Lynx Witcher school.

Nevertheless, this theory does not necessarily mean that we won’t be seeing the very anticipated comeback of Geralt or Ciri in this installment. They still can have a role at in some capacity due to their importance to the franchise.

So, if we consider all factors mentioned above, we can conclude that the title will include something related to the Lynx School characters and their sagas.

Does Witcher 4 Run On Unreal Engine 5?

It goes without saying! That all the best triple AAA releases in the upcoming years will be developed using the graphical power of Unreal Engine 5. The Witcher franchise is absolutely no different.

Additionally, CD Projekt Red announced that they would replace their in-house game engine with the Unreal engine to avoid another Cyberpunk-like fiasco.

This transition only means that the Witcher 4 will abandon the iconic REDengine used in The Witcher 3. This is no surprise! Due to the incredible graphical boost that the Unreal engine would surely offer.

Thankfully, this change in graphical engines is rather welcome because of all the new overall gameplay improvements. This would make the game’s playing experience vastly different and more entertaining.

Witcher 4 Story: What To Expect?

Again, this new installment of the Witcher series will potentially focus on a whole new Witcher school. Thus, it will introduce a host of new characters that have never had a game focused on them previously.

Presuming that this game will focus on Lynx school-affiliated Witchers. Then we would have a selection of 3 different potential protagonists for this upcoming release. They include Lambert, Dragonfly, and Gaetan (if you spared him as Geralt).

Could we see a new protagonist in the new Witcher 4

With this selection of charters in mind, we could possibly see CD Projekt Red take this franchise in a whole new direction! By making the legendary Dragonfly the first female protagonist for any of the Witcher games instead of Ciri.

If Dragonfly is indeed the protagonist of the Witcher 4. Then, it is likely the game is in Gemmera… the Kingdom of Nilfgaard in general instead of the Kingdoms of Redania and Temeria in the Witcher 3.

If CDPR does in fact take this decision, it would open up the possibility to discover some of the most iconic locations in the Witcher franchise… such as Brugge and Cintra, and maybe even the elusive city of Nazair that everyone knows and loves.

However, if the story does indeed focus on the school of the Lynx, then the likelihood of seeing Geralt in this game is slim. That’s because this school was only founded as a result of the Wolf school dissolving after the death of Vezemir in the Witcher 3.

This possible deviation in the storyline could potentially leave a few plot holes open…in terms of the fate of Ciri and Guanter O’Dimm after the culmination of the story of the Witcher 3. This will leave a lot of important questions unanswered and a lot of fans unsatisfied.

It is also very important to state that all speculations mentioned are mere predictions, not facts. That’s because CDPR has disclosed nothing about the direction of the story as of yet!

Release Date!

The release date of the extremely anticipated title is still mysterious due to the secretive nature that CDPR has about all their releases throughout their history of game development.

However, based on speculations that the most likely release date for the Witcher 4 is around the last quarter of 2023 or at some point in early 2024. This would mean that the Wither 3 would officially have turned 10 years old! (Jesus I’m getting old!)

What We Know

Apart from pure speculation, we really don’t have much concrete info regarding all the aspects of The Witcher 4. Or, how CDPR will go about making this long-awaited Blockbuster EP.

However, we do know for a fact the game will use brand-new graphics and physics engines. it will also have a new cast of charters that will most likely not include any of the major figures in the previous installment.

Still, we have no idea if the plot of this game will be a prequel or a sequel of the Witcher 3. This makes all the possible outcomes of this game much more exciting for all of us eager fans of the series.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, the Witcher 4 has left the entire fanbase extremely excited and continuously speculating about all the possible changes that this legendary series might experience in the development of its story and characters.

We now have nothing left but patience in order to finally enjoy yet another masterpiece by CD Projekt Red and their masterful team of talented developers.

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