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Manage yourself, not your time! (time management is a myth)

Learn how you can manage yourself and get the best out of your time
Time management tricks

The attention time management gets online and in self-help books is crazy. There are at least +14B results in Google related to this concept. It is twice the world’s population. Still, little to no people know really what or how to manage their time. Or let me give you the stick, there is no such thing as time management!

Get excited already for we’re about to give you some really good stuff.

If time management doesn’t exist, what is time management!?

You know it’s ironic that one of the most trendy topics doesn’t really make any sense. And the reasons why are pretty numerous.

One of which is that time itself doesn’t exist. It’s just a metric we invented to measure the sequence of the endless events that -as far as we think- are irreversible. That is from past to future.

How can you control or manage a metric when you are being measured? How can you control the matrix if you are within the matrix and subdued by its laws?

Managing time is like saying managing space. You don’t really control or manage space. You control what you do or make in that space. Accordingly, you can only manage and control yourself and what you do within time, not time itself.

So, let’s call it self-management! But for marketing purposes, I will still call it time management but you read it as self-management. Deal? Yes, good.

Why should you care in the first place?

A – Time is money

Disregarding all the variables, you might be wasting at least 2 to 3 hours a day. Young adults and people in their 20s may even waste 4 to 6 hours a day!

The hourly wage in the US is $11. If you’re an undergraduate or an expert, $11 is a radical underestimation of what you can get. It will be at least $40 per hour.

But still, if you’re wasting 4 hours a day, it’s 20 hours a week. Which is worth $220 in ONE WORK WEEK. In a year, it’s almost $12,000. And we are talking $11 per hour here. If you increase your hourly income just to $20, then you’re wasting $21k a year. Let alone if it’s $40…

But you can’t regard any not-working time as wasted. Time with your friends or family, traveling, learning, sleeping… etc, is precious unwasted time. Money can’t buy you those moments.

Time is money

I am speaking about the time you spend scrolling your feed, watching videos and ads on YouTube, or getting injected by pornographic commercials on TV. These are all things you really don’t want to do; things that make you feel horrible after you realize how much time is gone. See, that’s at least four hours a day right there!!

I am speaking about the time you spend scrolling your feed, watching videos and ads on YouTube, or getting injected by pornographic commercials on TV. These are all things you really don’t want to do; things that make you feel horrible after you realize how much time is gone. See, that’s at least four hours a day right there!!

Ask yourself ‘what if you just stopped wasting these hours and opportunities?’ Imagine how much more efficient you can get if you devote just half that time to developing a high-income skill!

B – You can’t afford to not manage yourself and time

It’s weird how we are not only doing the things we should be doing in our time, but we also do things we are supposed to be avoiding.

We are constantly devoting our energy to screwing our lives up and making them in worse shape. And then, when we realize it, we whine and paw and blame the world for our doomed reality.

There are definitely things that cannot be controlled. But we can control a lot of things about ourselves.

For instance, why aren’t most people brilliant in a skill that makes them $$ per hour working from home? (I’m praying you aren’t so my sentence makes sense)

The answer is that most people aren’t well-versed in high-paying fields of expertise! Or in other words, people are busy scrolling their feeds instead of learning a relatively demanding skill that will increase their income radically. 

And as the world economy is relatively crumbling, you can’t afford NOT to make use of your time.

Become indestructible by managing yourself within the time

Reaching this section means you really want to start taking advantage of your time. It also means YOU HAVE TIME to experiment with the following tricks (or at least some of them) and give us feedback soon. Don’t keep us waiting! We’re excited for you.

1 – Write diaries

choose your own skill

We’ve been being asked to write probably since the age of four. But no one has ever really explained to us why should we write. Well, we write to get grades, but why does that even matter?

I believe that writing -especially diaries and reflections- helps you clear your mind. When you write, you’re allowing your inner voices to scream ink into the papers. Thus when you come back and read these words later, you’d start seeing how your mood changes, and thus the flow of thoughts.

By understanding yourself better, you’d be able to plan how to manage yourself better within time better. And that’s the whole point.

2 – Meditate

Another thing you certainly should be doing to understand yourself is to meditate. When meditating, you allow your mind to take control of how you feel and what you think. The actual you will simply sit back and observe.

By observing the mind, without affecting its flow, you start to understand it better. You know what ideas come in and what pops up. Thus, you’d be able to reduce the time you spend collecting these ideas that make you distracted.

Another meditation technique that improves focus and helps you control yourself is to focus on a specific thing. For instance, you focus on your breathing. By doing so, you’d find yourself drifting away in a few seconds.

Dopamine, the hormone of pleasure, is released excessively during these activities. As a result, we stay doing them and we find it hard to stop.

When you find yourself drifting, you simply stop yourself and come back to focusing on your breaths. This develops or creates a habit of ‘stop, back to the game.’ And this takes us to the next technique.

If you’re new to meditation, I recommend this beginner’s guide by my friend who explains how you can start meditating. Give yourself a 10mn out of your busy day sir/Ma’am!

3 – Enough is enough

When we use social media, YouTube, or the internet in general, our brains enjoy it. It’s the same feeling one gets when smoking, or having sex with their partner.

Decide for how long you will use social media, the internet… etc, and stick to your decision. When you say 5 minutes per hour, it’s not going to be beyond that. Enough is enough.

This includes any other habit that doesn’t feel right. It could be TV, staring at the ceiling, or playing video games.

4 – There’s no way around using a calendar

stay organized and manage yourself and your time

How can you control yourself if you don’t know what you will do next? Well, you make a schedule and STICK TO IT. By doing so, you make sure you are having the day you want, thus the future you want.

You can use different apps and software like Trello to help you organize your daily tasks. But I honestly (out of experience) prefer using calendars and pieces of paper. It would be nice if you use ours, OVERMENTIME, but you can literally use any piece of paper and stick it to your pocket.

Using a calendar is simple. Divide your day into waking & sleeping hours. Then decide what you’d be doing during each hour of the next day. And stick to it. By doing so, you’d be surprised how many tasks you can accomplish in one day.

Jordan B.Peterson on time management: “Plan the day that you want, so you can get the life that you want”

5 – 5 seconds rule

Mel Robbins, one of the most booked speakers, a TV programs host, an author… etc, came up with the 5 seconds rule. The rule simply means stopping whatever you do by counting from 5 to 0 to distract your mind, thus stopping.

As silly as it seems, the rule actually works because it takes you from autopilot to decision-maker.

Think about it! When you’re scrolling your feed or simply doing anything that kills time, are you really controlling your decisions or does the video game, or platform… control what you see and experience next?

So, the 5 seconds rule will wake your brain from autopilots, and then you should ask yourself: What should I be doing now? Do it.

6 – 6/2 minutes rule

The average time we can focus is 6 to 7 minutes. This is because we are constantly being distracted by phone notifications, traffic noise, or someone else in the house… We’ve been wired like that since childhood.

The outcome is a generation with a focus span of no more than 6 to 7 minutes. Then we need a break! So, why not give it to yourself?

Simply, work on a task for six minutes, and then take a two minutes break. You’d think that’s 15 minutes out of my one hour. Well, think ahead sunshine! Is it better to be efficient for 45 minutes and have a 15mn break, or you’d rather be inefficient and bored for two days in a row?

As you improve your focus and self-management skills, you’re invited to increase the 6/2 to 8/2 for instance.

7 – Track your progress & reward yourself

We are conditioned with a reward system. Unless an action results in a wanted and desired outcome, we’re less likely to repeat it. And vice versa; a behavior followed by a positive emotion is more likely to reoccur.

So, to reinforce progression and improvement, you should reward yourself for that. It doesn’t matter what is it as long as you enjoy it and it doesn’t destroy you. It can be video games, music, sleep, doing nothing…

You’re free to choose once you earn it!


There is no such thing as time management. So, you can’t control time. Time is a physics law. You can only control yourself and what you do within time. To do so, you should plan your days ahead, and do the tasks you assign yourself. Do it enough time and you’d become efficient at whatever you are doing, and less time will be wasted. Most importantly, come back and tell us how far did you get improving your self-control. Cheers.

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