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10 Things to do when bored (You won’t regret them)

Do these things when bored & your future self will thank you.
10 Things to do when bored (You won’t regret them)

Chances that things you do when bored are useless are higher than the expected value of lazy ape’s NFT in the next century. Well, I was just talking to myself out loud! I am the one who does lame useless things when bored that I wish I could reverse time back and undo them…

Oh, wait! Can you relate to that?

I mean do you often find yourself digging a rabbit hole in social media and wasting time watching random Tiktoks? Or do you feel horrible about the time you spend watching useless videos on YouTube that you don’t even want to watch and that make you puke when you think about them?

Seems like a welcome to the club here!

Well, in this article I’m going to share with you things that you should be doing whenever you feel bored. These are things that you will never regret doing.

Ever since I started working on this website, I stopped wasting around 85% of my free time. That’s because I have to do a lot of creative and engaging tasks to keep it going. Either it’s managing the team and the people who work with me, or reading about topics to write about.

Here, I’ll be discussing things that I started doing recently and I believe will be of value for you too!

I know for a fact that if I start by recommending reading or exercising you’ll bounce back instantly. But they’re at the end and I really recommend you read them until you reach them. So, let’s get it done!

10 things to do when bored and don’t want to waste time?

  1. Watch educational content on youtube and take notes
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Write!!
  4. Try a new hobby
  5. Take initiatives and set goals to pursue when bored and have free time
  6. Learn a new language!
  7. Read
  8. Exercise
  9. Check new content by overmentality

1 – Watch educational content on YouTube and take notes

You’re definitely familiar with the ‘watch educational content on YouTube’ one. It’s a waste time with 0 guilt 101.

But deep down we know that we’re resorting to it just to kill time without feeling down later!

If you really care about the EDUCATION (which you should) it’s inevitable to take notes.

You can either use a copybook or notebook to keep your info in one place. And so you can check them when needed.

Or, you can do what I usually do! I open a sticky note and do it all on my Windows PC at once. (don’t judge me because I’m not using a MacBook Pro 2021, please! My PC is really expensive and good too)

So, that’s it with the notes. I know you know a bunch of really good YouTube channels and I really wish you can recommend some in the comment section for me!

But here are some of the best YouTube Channels:
  • Kursgesagt – In a Nutshell: This is just one of the best YouTube channels by far! They create interesting educational videos with extremely original and unique content. Kurzgesagt covers a wide range of topics from religious conceptions to bombing earth with nuclear bombs to blackholes to psychology…
  • Tom Bilyeu: I only am familiar with his show The Impact Theory, to be honest, and sometimes his motivational speeches cos they make sense. In The Impact Theory, Tom invites interesting figures from the entrepreneurship world and they talk about creative techniques to improve your life and performance in life in general. You’ll be astonished how fast time flies and how much you can learn from one episode!
  • Better Ideas: I was presented to this guy a couple of months ago by a friend and I honestly enjoy his videos! He’s an artist because he can really merge very basic life events to psychology and self-development in a way that makes you feel you can do the tricks too!
  • The School of Life: If you’re into literature and humanities, this might be a good YouTube channel for you! They create very interesting videos about writers and philosophical ideas and concepts, and they also started a series about self-development recently.

What other YouTube channels do you watch? Let us know in the comments section.

2 – Go for a walk

I’ve been into walking and running my entire life. But walking creates a unique state of mind because it helps me not only relax my body at night but also clear my head the whole day!

I spoke excessively about my experience with walking in a separate article, and I mentioned a lot of health benefits. But let’s just focus on the main subject here.

We spend a lot of time scrolling down our social media feeds and consuming information through our screens. We become so attached to these gadgets that they become an extension of ourselves! We’re almost cyborgs, aren’t we?

Yet, little to no time is given to our brains to process and think about these ideas.

That’s why when you’re engaged in physical exercise or even just taking a shower and you’re away from a screen or a speaker, you find yourself thinking about almost everything!

You start reflecting upon your life, daily events, your friends from high school… God only knows what! You might even think about a great business idea to launch soon!

In other words, engaging your body in a light physical exercise such as walking gives the brain a lot of freedom to finally think independently. Do this often and you’ll be surprised what your brain will tell you!

3 – Write

Writing is just one of the best things to do when bored. It’s another effective way to click the reset button in your brain and allow it to reset itself is by writing.

You’ll ask yourself well, what should I write about?


Take a piece of paper (not a laptop or mobile phone) and start writing anything you can think of!

It can be lyrics from NF’s latest mixtape, or a joke a friend once told you, or your grandfather’s stories.

It will not take you long before you feel like writing about something personal. Something you feel and you oppress.

I personally write a lot. It’s what I do for a living. My record is 7.4k words written in one single day! It’s a lot and my brain was almost dead when I finished. But this is not what I mean when I recommend you write!

I talk about writing for fun! Writing about things your mind wants to write about. Not as an assignment or work.

Give yourself a piece of paper and a pen, and you’ll be surprised what you can write in one session!

If you insist on being assigned things to write about, we recommend for instance writing about your feelings towards people and events that are close to you. This can be a good start because it’s personal and can trigger ideas and feelings you never thought you have.

4 – Try a new hobby

It’s never too late to start drawing again or writing poetry as you used to in elementary school. This will only bring about good memories and you may become the next best painter or greatest writer!

You’d be surprised about how Michelangelo almost did quit art then came back and became one of the greatest artists of all time! Check our blog post about him here.

You can also invest your leisure time in something new! Did you know that one of the best-selling writers and one of my favorites of all time wrote his first-ever novel at the age of 31? And it was just to kill time!! And it was a big success!!!! The talk here is about Haruki Murakami.

You can read my favorite work of his on Amazon and support us with a very small commission. Check Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami on Amazon:

Anyway, we can’t really recommend what next thing to try! There is just too much you can do as a hobby! Maybe go film a comedy show?

5 – Take initiatives and set goals to pursue when bored and have free time

Not having goals to achieve is the number one thing reason why we have free time in the first place! That’s to say, people who have goals try to create free time in order to go work on them. They never ask themselves about things to do when bored.

And the only difference between this type of person and the average person is GOAL SETTING.

Most people don’t even know what they want to achieve in their life! They’re just going with the flow!

Maybe you can build a website and work on it like me and my team is doing with Overmentality! Or you can build a startup or something!

We would love to see you become a better person and live a better life. No matter how good you are right now, we want you to be better; to become an Overman as per Frederich Nietzsche. That’s why we always create good content tailored to help you use your time better.

So feel free to check our interesting articles about:

They could be a good start for you to decide what next big goal to set and pursue.

7 – Learn a new language!

Imma start this one with a flex!

I speak four languages fluently and I struggle with two more! And in two years I may speak the next two fluently too. I speak Darijah which is my native language, and I also learned Arabic and French at school, and English.

English is a language I learned by myself. And I managed to polish it when I joined the Media Studies Department in the English University in my part of the world.

And let me say: a new language opens you to a whole new world and a whole new set of ideas and concepts. A new language is better than a new metaverse!

Why don’t you for instance install Duolingo for instance? It’s a really good language learning app available on iOS, Android, and probably on HarmonyOS too!

You can spend just 15 minutes a day using Duolingo and in two years (time flies) you can learn to curse in different languages! Isn’t that exciting? You can even use it to boost your resume.

So, go check that app and learn a new language rather than wandering about things to do when bored.

8 – Read

Here comes your favorite one.

I’m not going to cut the B.S and just rub it on your face: if you’re not a reader, you’re not even alive.

People really devote so much time and energy to doing extensive research that may take decades. They do all these experiments and sacrifice their social life and leisure only to produce a 400 pages book for instance.

And your majesty comes and assumes reading is boring!

Well, I won’t blame you for that, to be honest. Throughout my school career, I’ve always been forced to read specific books and I could choose what to read. So, I hated reading!

It was only when my existential crisis was starting off during my teenage years that I resorted to books to find answers. I didn’t find them so don’t ask for ones.

But guess what! Reading helped me find more questions and get more depressed and deepen my existential crisis!

So, why don’t you go choose a book you find interesting and read too?

You can for instance read books related to your career and field of expertise.

Let me tell you. Most people stop reading after graduation. So, their learning slows down very radically.

If you read things related to your field, let’s say even a book per month which is not a lot, you’d be far more skilled and knowledgeable about your field of expertise than almost all the people in your firm.

Where do you think you can be in 10 years with reading?

9 – Exercise

We mentioned walking and light physical activities earlier. But exercising and heavy lifting are revolutionary in terms of physical and mental health alike.

It’s a fact that lifters and people who’ve been in a good shape even for once throughout their lives, age better. They have sharper mental abilities compared to other old people, and they usually stay in relatively good shape.

Another fact is that by the age of 25, your brain starts rotting extremely slowly. And your intelligence declines very rapidly as well.

There are two proven ways to stop that and fight it. One is to continuously exercise and keep improving your physical health or at least not allow it to start declining in the next couple of decades.

The other one is to be a lifetime learner who never cares about things to do when bored. Cos’ you’ll never be bored!

I understand that lifting and exercising aren’t things you do when you’re bored at 1 A.M in the morning. You’re probably thinking more about sexting in order to relax your body and sleep. But if you exercise throughout the day, you will earn that night’s sleep and you’ll sleep with no problems at all.

In case you struggle with your night sleep, check our 8 effective techniques by clicking here.

10 – Visit Overmentality

Overmentality aims primarily to produce educational, yet enjoyable content. Our audience is people like you, people who care about leaving an impact on the world and are interested in becoming better achievers.

We appreciate your visits to our website, and we will do our best to keep our content top-tier to meet your expectations.

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