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The future of digital marketing will surprise you!

Unlock the potential of your business by understanding what the future holds for you!
the future of digital marketing will surprise you

“The future of digital marketing might surprise you, but it’s brighter than you think”

Change is a marked phenomenon of our existence. Everything constantly changes and evolves as time goes by. A great example of that is our lives. Life, history, people, and every aspect of our civilization keep changing & evolving remarkably.

Moreover, change is a necessary mechanism for our survival and continuity as a species. The more life conditions change, the more we evolve, adapt, and adjust our behaviors. In truth, evolution itself favors those who can adapt according to the law of natural selection.

This tells us two things! First, change is inevitable, and the future will differ from our past & present. Second, those who cannot adapt to it will fall behind and be pushed aside by those who can.

I hate to break it to you, but the above is applied to everything in life! Including digital marketing.

Yes! Digital marketing is constantly changing & evolving as well. So, as a marketer or entrepreneur, if you don’t understand the future of digital marketing and the changes that are coming, you will be left behind.

Covid19 & digital marketing

The setting

The advent of Covid19 caused a global economic shutdown. Still, it created a refreshing shift when it comes to how businesses & how companies do business. I don’t want to sound far-fetched, but Covid19 revolutionized the whole economic and business structure. It pushed major companies and businesses worldwide to adopt a digital business model to work remotely. Accordingly, businesses have understood the significance of digital marketing for their success and continual growth.

Above that, the pandemic altered customers’ behaviors & how they shop and engage with businesses. Because people couldn’t leave their homes, the digital market became their only choice to shop and get what they need.

So what has actually changed as far as the future of digital marketing is concerned?

The future of digital marketing will surprise you!

This has increased customers’ migration from physical stores into digital ones, which in turn forced most businesses to turn digital.

Ironically, even after the pandemic goes off (hopefully soon), people will still continue to rely on e-commerce & online shopping. That’s because it conditioned us to shop online as well as forcing companies to adopt an e-commerce-oriented business model even post-covid.

In return, This created a radical shift in marketing when it comes to the digital marketplace. In other words, it raised the demand for digital marketing efforts while making it more competitive than ever.

Not only that, this shift will change the future of marketing as a whole. That’s why most multi-billion dollar companies invest their money & resources to improve their digital marketing and adapt it to what’s brought by COVID-19.

So, we can say that one virus was the key event that brought a such change in terms of the overall economy & business. It is the main cause that made digital marketing more important for success now than ever. Yet, it also gave us a rough idea about what’s coming in the future & how we may adjust.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the future of digital marketing, and how to exploit it to succeed. Read on!

The future of digital marketing is omnichannel

the future of digital marketing!

In the past, people used to publish content & products on their blogs, e-stores, and websites only. However, this is not enough anymore because digital marketing is becoming omnichannel. In other words, most companies & businesses today showcase their contnet\products on many different platforms online. 

They leverage social media, Google search results (SERPs), YouTube, Emails, etc in order to target potential customers everywhere on the web. That’s because they realize that one channel (or platform) is limiting and ineffective. It slows the growth and limits it, rather than improving & increase it.

Therefore, to succeed nowadays you must be omnichannel. You need to leverage social media, YouTube, Google, Email marketing, and everything it takes to promote your business & reach your audience wherever they’re active online.

For instance, you can post a blog post on your blog and then repost parts of it on social media platform instance. Also, you can create a video for your YouTube channel, and re-upload it to Facebook, Instagram, and so on. That’s how you establish an omnichannel presence for your business.

So, why limit yourself

You can reach your audience through different channels. And being omnichannel enables you to interact directly with your audience, and understand their needs & behaviors.

On the other hand, it provides you with thorough insights to help convert your audience into satisfied customers & increase your traffic.

Let’s face it, you cannot succeed if you’re only relying on one channel to scale your business. That’s because competition is brutal. And most competitors are already leveraging an omnichannel business model. They’re spreading everywhere faster than the virus itself because they understand that omnichannel digital marketing is the future.

In fact, major successful businesses that grew from one channel in the past, now they’re expanding on different channels. That’s because they have to. It’s the only way to keep growing continually without being outranked or left behind. 

As surprising as it may seem, when you go omnichannel by promoting your business through different online platforms (channels), the results of your CPAs, CPCs, ROI, and organic traffic increase drastically. More surprisingly, they increase across all online channels you’re using.

So, by implementing this digital marketing approach, you simultaneously contribute to the overall growth of your business. At the same time, you increase its value & influence.

The digital marketing future is about branding

Again! To succeed in any business nowadays, you need to build your own unique brand. You should develop a distinct online identity to set you apart from your competitors. Like it or not! There are millions of blogs & businesses out there. So, if you cannot distinguish yourself through digital branding, you will end up crushed by the competition.

In Overmentality, we aim to distinguish ourselves by precise, direct, and insightful content! Make sure you visit our website often for more insightful info about everything that’s interesting!

If you don’t want to be buried by Google algorithms, you need a brand that stands out. It is crucial to create your own voice that talks directly to your audience.

Meaning, you have to come up with a unique presence that makes you recognizable by online users. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have a spot in the digital market.

In truth, major platforms like Google & Facebook favor those that have distinct brands within their niche. It’s even part of their policy to fight fake news & disinformation.

In other words, if you have a big brand that is trustworthy and influential, engines will promote it and help you rank. It is a significant ranking factor that you should exploit right now!

Still not clear?

Differently put, when it comes to promotion & ranking, platforms like Google & Facebook look for branding signals. Accordingly, they decide which businesses should rank & be promoted, and which businesses should be scratched from the bucket list!

Digital branding is the future of digital marketing, and to succeed you need to make it the norm. Hey! I’m not saying you should create a brand like Nike or Coca-cola. All I’m saying is that you should focus on establishing a trustworthy & recognizable brand within your niche. Customer satisfaction should be your primary goal!

this image shows a design about the future of digital marketing

That’s because when you build a unique brand that resonates with your audience, you directly influence how algorithms perceive you. If you’re big & trustworthy, you will be promoted and ranked higher. if not, you will be crushed by both your competitors & algorithms. 

I’m not saying this to drag you down, it’s just the truth!

Moreover, branding might sound like a problem, yet in reality, it is the solution to most of your problems. It is the best digital marketing strategy you have for now & the future.

Also, you should keep in mind that building a business is different from building a big brand. In every market, there are thousands of big businesses that offer relatively the same products & services.

Still, some businesses manage to become more successful than their rivals.

Do you know why? yes! Because they have established a strong brand and dominated the market. This tells us that digital branding is the key to putting your business ahead of your competitors. 

Digital branding is just a game. Play right, and you WIN!

Guess what! The best way to build a strong brand is by attracting as much traffic as possible to your website & other online channels. That’s why you need to be omnichannel. You should put your content everywhere! This way, you manage to build your brand.

When people find you everywhere they go on the web, you easily improve your influence & brand awareness. In return, you improve your ranking & brand trustworthiness.

For an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to blend an omnichannel approach with online branding.

Tips to improve your digital branding:

  • Use email marketing combined with push notifications.
  • Implement chatbots
  • Use google correlate and similar tools to find out what people are searching for & potential keywords to improve your ranking.
  • Also, one of the best ways to build a strong brand is by helping people. Always tailor your business efforts towards helping people & solving their problems.

A side note: getting traffic won’t be enough in the future. The key to success is by combining traffic with conversion optimization. If you don’t convert your traffic into buying customers, you won’t be able to achieve good business growth.

You can do that by improving  & personalizing your customer digital experience (DCX)! If you want to know more about it, we have a cool article about what DCX is in a nutshell. Don’t forget to check it out!

Reliance on AI, SEO, data analytics, and augmented reality

Artificial intelligence has become an important aspect of digital marketing recently. And it will be the norm in the future.

Already, many businesses rely on AI management to automate their digital processes & operations. However, in the near future, as AI evolves, it will be heavily integrated into digital marketing and business management. A clear example of that is the usage of interactive chatbots automated to communicate with customers & answer their questions.

Also, digital marketing is becoming more & more focused on SEO optimization and data analytics. That’s because it helps businesses increase their traffic while informing effective decisions based on insightful data drawn from analytics. Differently put, the future of marketing will rely on these three elements. It’s even predicted that the majority of ad campaigns will be based on AI automation, SEO optimization, and data insights.

In other words, businesses will exploit smart technologies to study analytic data and categorize their target audience. At the same time, they will focus on generating more traffic & conversion rates by improving their DCX through automation and SEO optimization.

Augmented reality

Surprisingly, most marketing experts predict that augmented reality will be a game-changer in the future of digital marketing.

For instance, when it comes to technologies that mediate an efficient interaction between customers & businesses, AR tools come first on the list. 

Actually, many small businesses and startups managed to achieve radical growth thanks to the use of virtual reality technologies.

Moreover, digital marketers expect that augmented reality will revolutionize the landscape of e-commerce and marketing in the coming years. Accordingly, it will help small & big businesses alike to succeed and grow despite competition. 

That’s because it gives businesses a broader space wherein they can interact & connect with their audience with boundaries.

Voice search optimization

People are increasingly relying on voice search, which indicates the importance of search voice optimization.

Believe it or not! Over 70% of users who have activated assistants, prefer to use voice commands instead of manually typing.

Every day, users search via digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana (the latter being so bad to be honest). So, digital marketers should figure out how to implement this in their marketing strategy for better traffic.

They should optimize their business sites to fit voice searches. Otherwise, they will miss out on a lot of organic traffic.

The problem with voice search is that it has a different SEO approach. That’s because when people search by voice, they use different phrases & keywords unlike regular search queries through typing.

Therefore, to grant a spot in the future of digital marketing, you should identify phrases & keywords people use through voice search. Then, you should optimize your SEO for voice searches accordingly by targeting keywords and key phrases people use routinely.

The future of digital marketing is a shared vision!

As mentioned above, the pandemic changed how businesses do business and turned them towards a digital-oriented business model. Still, Covid did more than that because it created a globally shared vision when it comes to the future of eCommerce.

Now, small startups & big companies have a united mission to grow and succeed digitally. They all understand the significance of digital marketing, and what it takes to succeed nowadays. Also, they are all willing to adapt to the new trends & changes that are coming. 

So, this shared awareness will create a radical shift in the way overmen and business owners do marketing and promote their brands in the digital world.

In other words, entrepreneurs like us have more freedom & space to be more creative when it comes to marketing and growing digitally.

Digital marketing is always changing

The reality about marketing is that it never stops changing. What might work out today might not work tomorrow. Therefore, you should always keep learning & testing new things. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new ideas & techniques because This is the ideal way to keep adapting and growing without being halted by change. 

Remember! The digital world offers countless choices & opportunities. So, don’t limit yourself. Be creative, and make use of everything that might help you grow and advance digitally.

Also, invest your time & money in mentorship. To be the best, you should learn from the best. Always seek growth by educating yourself & honing your marketing skills. Make sure you are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and changes in digital marketing.

You can achieve that by reading, enrolling in online courses, attending conferences, keeping an eye on your competitors, etc. 

Or, you can read articles on Overmentality. We will make sure your knowledge is updated to keep you on the right track!

To wrap up

As always folks! We hope this article has been of some value to you. If you kept reading to this point, thank you for your trust & interest. If not, we hope you found the answers you need above. All in all, if you have any comments, hit the comment section below!

On behalf of Overmentality, we wish you success!

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