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The best apps for cash to make money in 2022

Making money using apps for cash is still a thing in 2022!

Nowadays, making money is a necessity that can be fulfilled in varied ways. For instance, thanks to the continuous growth of the internet and technological innovation…there are many apps for cash-making that you can use to make money online. 

Money-making apps are a great way to make money because they don’t require a lot of skills, energy, or time. It is very convenient and easy to do. All you need is a good internet connection, a mobile phone, or a laptop.

You may think making money online with money-paying apps is impossible, but this could not be farther from the truth. Some apps pay you for taking surveys, playing games, downloading other apps, or even partaking in quizzes. 

If the thought of making extra cash sounds appealing to you! Then you should give these apps a try.

Top 10 apps for cash to make money in 2022

Below is a list of the best apps for cash!


Swagbucks has earned a reputation for being one of the best apps for making cash. It has excellent reviews and millions of dollars paid to its members. Swagbucks allows people to make money online by performing simple tasks such as shopping online, taking surveys, and watching fun videos.

Platform: Works on both IOS and android. 

How Swagbucks functions

 You earn Swagbucks points, also known as SBS when you complete tasks like surveys or play games. You can redeem these points for gift cards for any retailer, such as  Amazon, Uber Eats, Walmart, etc. However, If you don’t want to use your points for gift cards, you can convert them into cash for your PayPal account. 

Payment methods 

PayPal and gift cards. 

Pricing: To fully understand how the Swagbucks points work, consider this. An Amazon gift card worth $50 will cost about 5000 SB.  

5000 Swagbucks may seem like a lot, but you have nothing to worry about as the Swagpoints fill up pretty quickly. Plus, there is no shortage of fun activities to partake in. 

In addition, Swagbucks frequently has discounts on their prizes. With these discounts, the prizes will require minor points to redeem. So ensure you check their website often to be aware of all their current offers. 


  • You don’t have to pay anything to sign up with Swagbucks; it’s free.
  • The application and website are easy to use and navigate.
  • You don’t have to make significant adjustments to your current lifestyle, browsing, or purchasing habits to make money.


  • Making money with Swagbucks is not a quick fix to your financial woes.
  • It takes a long time to rack up enough points to make significant money.
  • Might take some time to fully understand how points work. 
  •  It isn’t accessible in every country.


One thing that has become increasingly popular over the last few years is freelancing. If you have been brainstorming for outstanding business ideas, you can work remotely or as a side hustle and earn a lot of money. 

Fiverr is a virtual marketplace that allows freelancers to create and sell “gigs.” 

You may list and market your digital services to potential clients worldwide on the Fiverr website.

Platform: IOS, Android, Desktop/PC. 

How Fiverr functions

 There are over a hundred niches of gigs you can specialize in on Fiverr. 

You first have to sign up, which is always free; then, you create a seller profile and clearly state what niche you specialize in. 

Gigs include the amount of money you charge for your services and a brief explanation. Prospective clients (buyers) can go through your gig and place an order if they need your gig. 

Once you finish a client’s order, you receive your payment. If you have a track record of outstanding execution of tasks! Such as finishing tasks quickly and effectively, you will stand a better chance of getting more clients. 

Payment methods

 You can get paid via PayPal, a direct bank transfer, or a prepaid Fiverr card known as the Fiverr Revenue Card. Withdrawal fees may apply based on your chosen method and the minimum number you want to withdraw.

Pricing: Depending on the type of gig, you can charge from $5-$1000. 


  • It provides an opportunity for people to earn money. 
  • It eliminates the need for you to look for buyers.
  • You get to develop your skill set further and get more experience.


  • If you are new to the marketplace, it may be challenging to land your first paying client. 
  • About 20% of your profit, tips inclusive, are deducted by Fiverr. 
  • There’s a possibility of you running into clients that are difficult to work with. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is at the top of the list of the most outstanding market research companies. It has millions of members worldwide and many raving reviews from users of its apps. Survey junkie is one of the money-making apps you have to try out. 

Platform: Works on IOS and android

How survey Junkie functions

 Survey Junkie links people with surveys based on information they provide on their profiles. 

It might take anything from 3 minutes to 20 minutes to complete a survey. 

Surveys that do not take much time to complete don’t pay that high. 

You may also make money by verifying email addresses and installing web browsers.

Payment methods

PayPal and gift cards. 

Pricing: You can get about $0.30 to $2 per survey, and you can make about $3 to $5 per hour. Five hundred points are equivalent to $5. You can withdraw your earnings when you earn 1000 points, equivalent to $10. 


  • Bonus points for signing up are immediately accessible.
  • PayPal or e-Giftcards can be used to withdraw funds.
  • Trusted by many of the general public reliable survey sites


  • You may not be selected for all surveys.
  • You must check the available survey frequently, as it fills up quickly. 
  • In nations outside of Australia, Canada, and the United States, Survey Junkie is not accessible.


If you are looking for the best apps for cash-making, Ibotta is an option worth considering. Ibotta provides one of the easiest ways you can make money online. You get cash back any time you make a purchase online or in-store.

Platform: Works on Android and IOS.

How Ibotta functions

 Ibotta allows you to get cash back when you buy something online or at a store that Ibotta supports. Presently more than two thousand retailers support Ibotta. 

This app was created for cash back for groceries. But recently, they have expanded their reach to include other products like clothing. 

Some offers are tailored to a particular product or retailer. You get some offers applied as soon as you purchase a product while you have to perform extra tasks like watching videos to get your offer. 

For in-store shopping, you can get cash back in the following ways:

  • Include the offers and add your receipts to the app when it has been done.
  • You can also buy a retailer’s gift card from the Ibotta app. 

For online shopping;

  • You can make purchases via the app. 
  • You can download the browser extension. 

Payment methods

A virtual gift card. PayPal and bank transfer.

Pricing: You can earn about $0.15 to $1 per cash back. 


  • It is entirely free of charge.
  • It supports more than two hundred stores.
  • Earn money for referring others.
  • You’ll get a percentage back in cash when you buy a gift card.


  • Offers vary from shop to store.
  • Many deals are tied to a single brand.
  • You have to use the app to shop online to get cash back.


Upwork is by far one of the most used and well-known freelancing platforms out there. You can specialize in many niches such as creative writing, Product design, video editing, and many more.

Platform: Works for both IOS and Android.

How Upwork functions

 Upwork helps to connect freelancers to clients. You must create a profile clearly stating what niche you specialize in, your skills, work experience, hourly rate, and availability, e.g., 20 hours per week. 

Once you sign up, you will be given “connects,” which you use for sending job proposals. Think of connects as currency for applying for jobs. You will be given a certain amount of “connects” per month, and you can buy them if you run out of them. 

After you submit a proposal for a job, clients will go through it and hire you for the project if they feel you are a good fit. You can earn at an hourly rate or per project. 

Payment methods 

PayPal, Payoneer, Instant Pay, Wire transfer, direct bank transfer. 

Pricing: You can earn approximately $5 to $30 per hour, and projects cost between $ 5 to $2,000.


  • It provides an opportunity to make a lot of money for your skills. 
  • It makes it possible for you to have flexible working hours and schedules.
  • Removes the stress of looking for clients.


  • Upwork charges service fees from all your earnings. 
  • You have to compete with other freelancers.
  • It may not be easy to get hired.
  • You have to know how to communicate effectively with clients.


OfferUp is a platform that connects buyers to sellers. You can use OfferUp to sell items such as devices, clothing, furniture, etc. 

Platform: Works on IOS and Android. 

How OfferUp functions

Once you open an account with OfferUp, you can sell your items. All it takes is taking a picture of it, creating a title, a short description of the item then setting a price for it. 

After this, you can post your listing on the marketplace and converse with buyers on the app. Once you get a buyer for your product, you can ship it to them. However, they have to be within the US for that to be possible, or schedule a meeting with them so you can deliver it. 

Payment methods

You can get paid in cash, transfer to your bank, or debit card. 

Pricing: Products range from $6 to $2000, depending on what you’re selling. 


  • The process of creating a listing is relatively easy and quick. 
  • The buyer covers the cost of shipping.
  • When a sale is made, you are immediately paid.


  • It’s not always a given that you’ll make a sale.
  • It may not always be safe for you to meet with purchasers.


If you want to make money with apps, Tapestri is one of the best apps for cash-making passively.  

Platform: IOS and android.

How Tapestri works

Tapestri works by paying you for the information you give about your current location. To better understand people’s buying habits, large retailers will purchase your data from Tapestri. 

If you want to make money by doing nothing, you should use this app. Tapestri operates in the background when not in use. It gathers anonymous actions generated by your gadget.

If you feel this is suspicious, many apps on your phone secretly collect your data, so why not get paid for it?

Payment methods

ACH Bank transfer, Android, and Apple wallet. 

Pricing: You can earn approximately $5-$25 per month and up to $300 when you join their affiliate program. 


  • It aids in the development of better market perceptions.
  • Downloading the app is entirely cost-free.
  • You’ll be able to make money without having to do anything.


  • You have to pay to join the affiliate program.
  • You won’t know who your data is sold to because the app isn’t completely transparent. 

Cash Em All

Playing games is already quite fun! Now, imagine if you get paid for playing games. Cash Em All is an app that rewards players for downloading and playing games. This makes it one of the most pleasurable apps for cash on this list.

Platform: IOS and Android.

How Cash Em All functions

Using the Cash Em All App, you may earn money by playing various games. The difficulty of the game is determined by how many coins you collect. 

When you reach a certain level in Cash Em All, you can change your coins into whatever reward you want. By using the featured tab on the app, 

you’ll see a list of the games you need to complete as possible currency rewards.

Payment methods

PayPal and virtual gift cards.

Pricing: The amount of coins you make depends on the game you are playing. Some games may pay you 60 coins per minute, while others may pay you about 400 coins per minute. To earn $0.5, you will need 4999 coins. 


  • The user interface is simple to use. 
  • There are many insanely fun games to play.


  • Many users experience technical difficulties in accessing the internet while using the app. 
  • The app contains numerous advertisements. 
  • Task payments are low.
  • Before receiving your first compensation, you must use the app to take a selfie.


Mindswarms is a market research company that aims to help business owners better understand their customers’ behaviors and preferences.

Platform: IOS and Android. 

How Mindswarms functions

A video survey is given to people who match up with a survey tailored to their specific preferences and interests. Each survey lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes and requires you to record video responses to questions.

Payment methods


Pricing: You earn $50 for answering ten survey questions. 


  • You can earn $50 per survey as Mindswarms pay higher than average surveys.
  • May complete surveys on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Get paid in 24 hours when you finish a survey.


  • Not many surveys will be available because you will not qualify for everyone.
  • Prequalification surveys do not earn you any money.


If you love to take walks, then you are in luck! With Sweatcoins, you get rewarded for your daily steps. 

Platform: IOS and Android.

How Sweatcoins functions

 When you sign up for the app, it accesses information from your phone. It includes fitness and well-being statistics and your current GPS position. 

As a result, the app keeps tabs on your daily activity and awards you with “sweat” coins based on how active you are. 

These coins may be redeemed for various items, including exercise equipment, programs, and gift vouchers.

Payment methods

Gift cards, rewards.

Pricing: 0.95 Sweatcoin is equivalent to 1000 steps. 


  • The app is straightforward to use.
  • It encourages people to be fit and healthy. 
  • You get to earn money for walking.


  • There are very few reward options. 
  • Since the app is relatively new, it may be subject to bugs and crashes.

Final thoughts

Although these apps for cash won’t make you a millionaire overnight! They can serve as a source of additional income and side hustles.

The apps listed in this article are some of the best and most reliable options. So if you’ve been hoping to make money with apps, give them a try!

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