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The 10 Best Six-Figure Jobs That Are Not Going Anywhere in the Foreseeable Future

In a nutshell, a six-figure job is one that makes you at least $100,000 annually. Which is not bad at all! So, if you already earn a six-figure salary, I suppose this article isn’t for you. It’s for YOU, my friend who sticks around up to these words and after. Check our list of the best six-figure jobs that will be there for a lifetime.

Why is landing a six-figure job important?

Let’s face it! We all live in a world wherein most jobs offer stagnant wages that barely make ends meet. On the other hand, both the cost of living and the price of goods that cover basic necessities keep rising. Thus making it very hard to achieve financial stability and lead a good life. Let alone the 4% annual global inflation!

Also, the global outbreak of COVID-19 shows a striking example of how fragile our economy is. Thousands of people lost their jobs and many successful businesses shut down. Let alone the hardworking employees who got their salaries either reduced or unchanged.

This only means that having a regular-paying job isn’t the best option to clear the bills out of your way. Save achieve financial security for you & your family.

Accordingly, landing a six-figure job is a convenient solution for a more fulfilling career and a better life. Fortunately, there is a good number of jobs that offer a six-figure salary plus promising career potential. That’s why we’ve made the following list.

Our List of the top 10 six-figure jobs:

1. Lawyer

Working as a lawyer within the justice system is definitely a six-figure job. Given your expertise, you can make over $122,900 a year. But if you’re Harvey Spectre, you can make way more. Also, being a lawyer provides great growth potential. That’s to say: you can build your professional reputation steadily and establish your name as an expert. In return, it improves how much you earn every month.

2. Software Developer

If you’re in the tech industry, working as a software developer is a great 6-figure choice. Luckily, this hyperactive domain gives a variety of options to choose from in our digital economy. This makes programmers, software developers, and tech specialists in high demand.

Depending on your expertise, you will be working on delivering patches & developing software for companies, designing apps, and building websites. Or you can simply develop your own software\application and promote it yourself.

A software developer makes around $107,510 yearly. Yet, you can make more if you work for a prestigious SaaS or Cybsec company. However, in order to join this arena, you need a reputable university degree. And you can certainly maximize your chances by obtaining extra certificates such as an MA degree or any credible diploma.

But let’s face it! In our modern digital world, even Elon Musk doesn’t care about your degree. Entrepreneurs today focus on what you can do, not what you have of papers.

3. Ethical Hacker

Usually, when you think of a 6-figure job, working as an ethical hacker doesn’t cross your mind. Surprisingly enough, ethical hacking is a highly valuable skill-set, and the pay check is always six-figure long. Professional ethical hackers are the gatekeepers of cyber safety.

Ethical hackers utilize their cybersecurity, coding, and hacking skills to protect the web from cybercriminals. They work with different companies, governments, and other organizations to ensure their cybersecurity against cybercrime.

Ethical hackers make approximately $105,765 annual mean wage. Yet, you can make more depending on for whom you work & the services you offer. To work in this area, you don’t necessarily need a BA degree. But having certifications or some credentials will help you build a successful career.

4. Financial Manager

The role of financial managers is a crucial part of every company. That’s because they keep the financial side of companies functional & stable. Their duties include examining, analysing, and monitoring the company’s finances to reach the best financial results. Thus solving any related issues.

Financial managers are paid generously for their expertise; they make between $130,900 and $208,000 a year. Apart from this, financial managers also work for banking and big insurance companies. This makes them a significant contributor to the overall economy. 

5. Dentist 

If you love fixing people’s smiles, working as a dentist is definitely YOU!. You will be responsible for treating oral problems, gums, and giving check-ups for any potential teeth issues. Generally speaking, dentists make around $ 180,100 annually. And to work as a dentist, you need an advanced degree in dentistry.

6. Personal Financial Advisor

First off, working as a personal financial advisor shouldn’t be conflated with accountants, or sales agents. Th because the role of personal advisors is to assess clients’ financial status and provide practical advice & solutions. Their responsibility includes evaluating clients’ liabilities, cash flow, insurance, and taxes; then, they provide practical strategies to resolve clients’ financial problems. 

Usually, personal financial advisors make an annual wage of $124,140, and they are required to have a college degree.

7. Pharmacist

A pharmacist’s responsibility lies in providing the proper medications prescribed by physicians, health professionals and therapists. They also guide patients on the right dosage & side effects of medications. In terms of the average wage, pharmacists make $104,710 annually. Moreover, to be a pharmacist, you need a specialist degree from one of the pharmaceutical degree programs.

8. Sales & Marketing Managers

Both sales and marketing managers are crucial parts of every successful business. Sales managers are responsible for creating effective strategies to increase sales & maximize revenue by attracting new clients. On the other hand, Marketing managers devise specialised marketing strategies & campaigns to target potential customers and improve brand awareness.  

The annual wage of sales and marketing managers is around $140,600. But you need a reputable degree to earn a position.

9. Petroleum Engineer 

Petroleum engineers work to design practical methods & techniques to extract natural resources from the earth. Simply, they are like advanced miners whose responsibility is to extract gas and oil from the earth.

Usually, if you want to work as a petroleum engineer, you need to obtain a BA degree. It can be in petroleum civil, chemical or mechanical engineering. In case you become a one, you will be making around $128,300  a year.

10. Physician & surgeon

Working as a physician or surgeon offers some of the highest-paying salaries. It also provides a noble service to humanity. Physicians and surgeons work in different medical areas depending on their speciality such as oncology or radiology, etc.

Typically, a physician’s routine consists of a variety of duties ranging from running medical tests, prescribing medications, assessing the medical development of patients to evaluating and interpreting diagnostic exams.

On the other hand, surgeons focus on treating injuries, performing surgeries, and curing diseases. However, both physicians & surgeons require advanced education and training in medical school plus multi-year residency. When it comes to their annual wage, physicians and surgeons make around $200,700.


To wrap this up, there are plenty of 6-figure jobs out there that you can choose from. And they all promise a fulfilling professional career. However, to get a six-figure job, it takes a bit of hard work, determination, and passion.

It may sound a cliché. However, attaining a 6-figure job after a long time of hard work, effort and sweat, you will be rewarded big time. This shall open new doors for you where you can be both professionally and financially satisfied.


What kind of jobs make 6 figures?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are different jobs that make 6 figures in varied fields of expertise. Examples include but aren’t limited to marketing, finance, business, medicine, programming & software development…, etc. So, it is all up to your area of interest, expertise, and skills.

How can I get 6 figures without college?

It’s true that obtaining a college degree is very important to earn a 6-figure job. Yet you don’t always need a college degree to make a decent living. Besides, there are many six-figure salary jobs that don’t require having a degree. All you need is a valuable skill-set and the expertise acquired from experience. I don’t mean to sound poetic, but you also can start a business!

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