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Why Your business needs Video: 9 Reasons to Start video marketing!

No doubt! that today`s culture is visually-centered wherein the image is our primary focus. This affects every aspect of our life including business & digital marketing! Thus, the importance of video marketing and visual content cannot be ignored. It is one of the best tools to succeed & grow your brand! In fact, it has become inevitable!

That`s why Today, every business has adopted new trends prevailing in Marketing and is moving more towards digitization. With an increase in the number of competitors and their adoption of digital marketing, every firm is making a way to be a leader in their respective industry.

Content is the king, and video content might be the emperor of all! Engaging video content while describing your product or service has been considered to be an inevitable part of the marketing strategy in this digital era.

Videos have time and again proven themselves to be a worthy investment for your business. Through this blog post, we will walk you through 9 reasons why your business needs to start making videos right away.

Videos improve your SEO ranking

Everything you do on the web makes sense only if you are visible to people.

SEO, for instance, ensures that your page remains on the top searches with its unique algorithms. With videos, moreover, you can prolifically boost the SEO ranking of your brand, resulting in increased visitors to your page.

The longer the user stays on your page, the higher your chances to rank in the top searches of Google. In fact, 80% of marketers say that videos increase the time spent on their webpage. Besides, 88% of Internet users spend more time on a website that contains a video.

When users find video thumbnails for their Google search, they are likely to click through. Keeping this in mind, you need ample videos on your websites to increase your chances of higher rankings.

YouTube happens to be the second-largest search engine after Google. And now that Google owns YouTube, optimizing your YouTube videos for Google search results will enhance your visibility on SERPs as well! The probability of your brand ranking at the top improves by 55 times with the effective use of videos.

Videos ultimately give you organic reach, higher click-through rates (CTRs), and visitors, thereby offering you ample opportunities to increase conversions.

Videos develop a compelling brand image

How do you differentiate yourself from other brands offering similar products/services as yours? The answer is through branding.

You first create a brand that offers people what they want. Merely a product or a service won’t bring you, clients. A seamless and premium experience, per se, is a great way to do the trick!

This can be achieved by giving your users relevant information, a comprehensive understanding of how your product works, how the product will change their lives, reasons to choose you, and ease in making a decision…

And guess what! You can do all of this with a video!

We recommend that along with forms of content, videos are also inevitable because video content tends to reach more and does the task of influencing decisions in just a few minutes. Videos empower people to understand what they are getting into. With videos, you can add a personality to your brand, helping you form connections with the viewers. Video content remains imprinted in the viewer’s mind, and they can easily recall it once viewed.

Brand image is the most crucial element of sustenance in the digital marketing world. With the help of videos, you can create a compelling brand image that will speak volumes for you.

Here are a few video ideas for you to work upon

  • An introductory video.
  • An explainer video to understand what the brand does.
  • A video highlighting your mission, core values, and branding aspirations. 
  • A video showcasing the work life in your company.
  • Videos that entertain the viewers with a branding consistency.

Videos create a competitive edge

The market out there is intensely competitive. One cannot survive performing bare minimum marketing techniques anymore. It’s no longer 2010!

Even the most proficient products/services need marketing to reach the desired audience and target base. So how exactly do you plan to gain a competitive edge?

By offering more than the bare minimum, right?

Well, in addition to consistent blogging, videos can give you Veto power on the ladder of competition. If someone from your industry is already using videos in their marketing strategy, you need to copy that & level up the game.

Only then will you be able to compete with them. If no one in the industry is following video marketing yet, it is time to leverage the video content and gain a competitive edge.

What kind of videos will give you a competitive edge?

  • Product/service videos.
  • How-to videos.
  • Testimonial videos.
  • Influencer videos.
  • Features videos.
  • Entertainment videos.
  • Installation videos.
  • Educative videos.

It’s easy to make most of these videos from scratch with a video maker tool that has a variety of templates and themes to choose as per the purpose of the content. However, you must learn how to use the tools and skills helpful in making a prolific video.

Videos boost brand trust and reputation

Since everything is going digital, people may find it hard to trust the brand. People are still not used to doing business with something they can’t physically interact with!

In other words, digitalization holds only one disadvantage: you lose human contact with your clients and leads.

However, with videos, you can gain your audience’s trust. Videos tend to add a human touch to your interactions with your audience. Viewers tend to see the genuineness of the brand through videos.

If your message is conveyed efficiently, you could gain a reputable and trusted brand image just with video marketing.

Here are a few ideas for your brand to work on your brand reputation with videos:

  • Customer testimonials – Testimonial videos are more powerful than any advertised video. When your customers vouch for you, the viewers tend to believe in you and are likely to arrive at a buying decision soon.
  • Company Video – Bring the founders and CEO on the video. Let them tell the story of your brand. The face on the video assures people that your brand is genuine and strong. Such videos will establish your viewers’ trust.

There are many such video ideas for you to gain the trust of your audience.

With bare minimum editing and transition effects, you can create such videos on a video maker in minutes.

Videos enhance your reach

Video marketing statistics shows that video content gets more shares than any other content form.

Developing a prolific and active video marketing strategy in your campaigns will help you enhance the reach of your audience. While other forms of content remain helpful, videos are sure to drive traffic because of human psychology.

People won’t spend time reading about something when they can view a video. Images will leave an impression on the mind, but videos will create a recalling power in the viewer’s mind. When the content is shared profusely, it is sure to attract a higher target audience. 

Here are video ideas to increase the reach of your brand:

  • Add videos to your email campaigns. It will increase the probability of mail being opened by 88%.
  • Add emotional and connection videos to your Facebook profiles. They will get more shares.
  • Be fun and creative with your short video content.
  • Create a compelling YouTube series to educate your viewers. It will get prolific shares if the viewers find the content useful.
  • Add videos to your E-Commerce platforms. It will improve conversions, reach, and visibility.

Videos boost sales

Videos definitely increase your reach. However, what you don’t know is that video can also bring you highly converting leads. By using videos to generate leads, you can be assured that at least 60% of them will convert. Videos influence the buying decision and 85% of the users portray positive purchasing behavior after seeing a video.

Add videos to every part of your sales funnel, and you will see a terrific boost in sales and conversions. The bottom line for any marketing campaign is to gain conversions. With videos, you can do so quite easily.

Videos speak for your brand

There are tons of things people consider before buying a product or availing of a service digitally. Especially for high-priced goods, establishing trust becomes quite difficult. With your fabulous marketing strategy, you will offer things required by every decision maker.

Imagine buying a product online. What would you want as a user?

  • A product video.
  • A testimonial video.
  • How-to video.
  • User manual video.
  • Before/after use video.
  • How to assemble or get started with video. 
  • Brand video.

When all these are offered to viewers in an accessible manner, they make decisions quickly. Moreover, once you have made the video, you don’t need to repeat the content for each customer, as salespeople need to. With video, you can save time and money. Videos will work for you even when you are not working.

Videos improve your social media engagement

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your audience. People tend to follow brands on social media that hold a fun and engaging repo there. With social media, you could spread awareness of the brand to people unaware of your brand.

With social media, you can drive the audience to your webpage and sales page to see conversions. Social media video ads are a powerful converting tool. People visit websites after watching video ads of your brand on their social media pages. There are tons of benefits to developing a professional social media space, and with video, you could do so very well.

Videos drive results

The most important reason for using videos is that they definitely drive results. You cannot go wrong with video marketing strategies. Be the huge or emerging, all brands use videos because it derives specific results. The results are quantifiable and prolific, unlike other content forms. Use videos because they are a sure-shot strategy for your brand.

Have you started using videos for your business yet? You know you are missing terrific opportunities if you aren’t doing videos for your business yet.

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