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10 reasons to delete Your social media right now!

Sorry guys! I’m writing this article to persuade you that social media isn’t cool anymore. If you feel triggered, you can skip this article already. However, if you think that social media is ruining your life, I believe you should keep reading. We will include 10 reasons to delete your social media right now. So, Read on to find out!

For so long, I believed that social media isn’t inherently bad, and it’s how we use it that determines whether it’s bad or good. I used to think that it represents a good cause, which is connecting the world and breaking physical boundaries.

And to be fair, it did connect people in many different ways that couldn’t ve been imaginable 2 or 3 decades ago. It has transformed human interaction and enabled people to communicate with each other instantly & constantly anywhere in the world. 

Above that, It has helped people to find jobs as well as growing businesses & the overall economy. Still, is that enough to compensate for its negative influence and complete assault against personal privacy?

Me & social media

To be frank, right now I feel that social media is becoming more & more toxic, and it no longer represents a decent cause.

Simply, its vices have outweighed its virtues. It is slowly ruining our genuine social interaction, invading our privacy, and promoting trendy idiocracy.

Ironically, we all share responsibility because we give up our data to use it. We scroll, like, and comment on the newest trends without questioning their value or influence on society.

We even reached a level where we value ourselves against others based on our social media profiles! As if they are an exact replica of reality.

We’ve become addicted to our phones & notifications although it undermines our health and life quality. So, maybe this can be enough for you to realize you better take a long break. To stop using social media altogether or just for a short while to see yourself if it’s going to improve your life or not!

Below are 10 reasons to delete your social media. You may not agree with them or have a different take on this topic, and it’s alright. We’re just trying to provide a broader perspective here. All in all, we’d love to have your opinion (The comment section is yours!).

10 reasons why you need to delete your social media RIGHT NOW

This is how social we get using social media!!!

1 – Social media isn’t social

You probably have hundreds of friends on Facebook. You might also have thousands of followers on Instagram.

However, do you consider them real friends that you can rely on and have a real human bond with? Or are they simply a bunch of strangers you try to impress with your posts, likes, and comments?

I know the answer to these questions is subjective, but allow me to give my personal response.

So, like most social media natives, I’ve had a long list of friends and followers. Still, I’ve always craved a real, face-to-face interaction. Even though I used to chat a lot, I’ve always felt distant and somewhat disconnected. 

I used to spend hours socializing through my phone screen in the comfort of my bed. But, it never felt as fulfilling as five minutes of a face-to-face conversation with another person.


You see! Unlike social media, talking with someone face-to-face is more genuine, intimate, and effective. That’s because you can feel & see them, they are present, and you’re not separated by a screen.

You can make eye contact, analyze their facial expressions & body language, and adjust to their voice tone. This makes communication natural, effective, and more genuine.

However, social media don’t provide a natural form of communication, for the other party isn’t present. Even if you can see them through a video chat, they’re still not actually present.

There is always a screen in between. Once the connection is off or interrupted, Opss! communication is over. Therefore, it is very hard to create a real bond with someone, yet you cannot even feel their presence. 

Social media is like masturbating to pornography, for it isn’t real.

There isn’t true interaction because you don’t actually meet people, feel their presence, or interact with them. In truth, you’re holding a phone device while sending text messages to a bunch of people at once.

It’s not interpersonal communication anymore! It’s multi-personal now! So instead of social media, I suggest we start calling it asocial media.

2 – Dunbar’s number & social media

According to the theory of Dunbar’s number, individuals can only have & maintain 150 social relationships (friends). But obviously, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t like that and said you get 5000!

Dunbar’s number theory was developed by the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar. It states that individuals are incapable of maintaining more than 150 relationships in their social circle.

In other words, our emotional stamina is limited when it comes to developing social bonds. We’re only able to foster real social connections with a specific number of people.

But, does this theory make any sense in the age of social media?

Dunbar’s number was based on an analysis of early human societies such as hunter-gatherer communities and many more. This explains that our brains have evolved in a way that only allows us to socialize within a small group of 150 people. Still, is this even possible when the average user has hundreds & thousands of friends and followers?

Can you call someone your friend, yet you can unfriend them, block and unfollow them with a simple click! So, Can we call this real social connection or a game of tag?

To provide some perspective, we’ll included a quote by Matt Haig taken from The Midnight Library:

“He believed that the more people were connected on social media, the lonelier society became. ‘That’s why everyone hates each other nowadays,’ he reckoned. ‘Because they are overloaded with non-friend friends. Ever heard about Dunbar’s number?’ And then he had told her about a man called Robin Dunbar at Oxford University, who had discovered that human beings are wired to know only a hundred and fifty people, as that was the average size of hunter-gatherer communities.” Matt Haig

So, we can say that social media doesn’t provide a natural or constructive human interaction. That is because it’s not social in the first place. It turns real people into profiles, numbers, and icons that we scroll down all day long. Therefore, it destroys natural human interaction, it disconnects us from others and ourselves while making society lonelier.

3 – It wastes your time

How much time do you spend on social media daily? Is it 1 hour, 2 hours or more?

Time is money!

Well, In 2021, the average user worldwide spends over 2 hours & 25 minutes scrolling social platforms each day. This makes 16 hours & 55 minutes wasted on social media every week. Imagine what you could achieve if you manage yourself & invested 16 hours a week in something constructive!!

You can learn a new skill set, read, exercise, or even go out and socialize with real people. You can do many things that actually help you grow and improve your life instead of your Facebook profile. This will help you focus more on your goals while managing your time effectively.

On the other hand, it will offer a break wherein you can rest & detox your mind from social media overload.

By the way, to know how to manage time effectively, you can check our article on time management. Also, we have a great article about the top 10 in-demand skills you can learn in 2021. Check it out!

4 – It promotes idiocracy

Sadly, social media algorithms are designed to promote & spread what is trendy. They don’t know the difference between what is good or bad for society.

As long as a post is liked, shared, and commented on, it means it’s good and should be spread widely.

People behind algorithms don’t care about value systems. Thus, their algorithms cannot measure the value of posts and their influence on society.

They only care about what’s trendy to people, and what draws their attention. However, a trend isn’t always good, valuable, or worthy of being trendy on social platforms.

In fact, most trends on social media are trivial challenges that dumb our overman capabilities to death.

For example, most TikTok challenges can be considered banal, idiocratic, and mind-numbing. Yet, they have tens of millions of views, likes, shares, and comments. As long as we’re entertained, it doesn’t matter how that affects our lives!

The problem is these algorithms have changed what we value & promote ourselves. That is because we seek what’s trendy and aim to become it. We no longer critique what we consume on our asocial media. If it is trendy, it is good no matter how shallow & idiocratic it might be.

Nowadays, so much good content is buried beneath the trendy trend. Suddenly, our new god has become what is trendy and dictates what is good or bad. It dictates what is valuable & what’s not!

To be just, social media give people a space where they can express themselves. Still, why bother expressing yourself, yet your voice doesn’t reach the top because algorithms say so!

5 – It makes you depressed!

sick man because he woke up early

Have you ever been scrolling through social media; then you felt bad about your life? Or you felt like you’re missing out on everything, and you’re not good enough. Well, you’re not the only one!

Social media is really good at creating a perfect version of reality. It’s the new wonderland wherein everyone is happily pursuing their perfect dreams & living their perfect lifestyle. We compile the best moments of our lives and post them as though they reflect the truth.

However, when we compare real life with social media, we realize that it’s another illusion we made to escape reality. To escape the truth that real life isn’t perfect, and neither are we. Deep down we know it’s all fake, yet we still believe it. And it is depressing! 

We judge ourselves & measure our personal worth based on others’ social media posts. We feel like we’re missing out on life, and that we aren’t doing our best. So, at the end of the day, we feel depressed & down-hearted although it’s all a scam.

We fell prey to the industry of self-help & influencers simply because we’re not living the life they’re selling. But, worry not! You’re enough, and life is more complex than a simple 5-steps guide to success.

I’m not saying that self-help is bad. I always encourage self-improvement & growth. However, this doesn’t mean you beat yourself up just because your feed makes you feel unworthy. Life isn’t fair, and we walk through it wearing different shoes. So, always remember that your growth isn’t defined by others or their profiles & posts. Appreciate who you are, and improve yourself gradually.

6 – It makes you addicted (Socialcoholics)

dopamine addiction

Social media apps are designed to make you addicted to them. Major platforms like Facebook hire psychology engineers to develop addictive & hooking technologies that strive for your devoted attention. In other words, social media is more like a digital drug. The more we use it, the more we become dependent on it.

Because we’re naturally social beings, our brains are wired to reward us with pleasure when we connect to people. This is related to early human communities when social bonds increased our odds of survival. So, when we connect with others, our brains release dopamine. Therefore, it becomes a pleasurable experience that should be repeated.

However, social media is addictive because it turns a natural connection into an artificial experience. Connecting became an endless overload of texting, sexting, chatting, and interaction through the screen. Thus, we have become rewired to expect more dopamine by consuming more of the same thing.

That’s why you cannot get off your phone, and why you feel a rush of dopamine when your notifications ring. Social apps have rewired our brains into dopamine addicts, which affects our behavior & psychology negatively. It also shortens our focus span and makes it hard for us to learn new skills

“Maybe one day we will go to rehab to rehabilitate ourselves from social media-induced dopamine addiction.”

PS: If you suffer from dopamine dependence, we have an interesting article about how to dopamine detox. Check it out!

7 – It robs your privacy & personal data  for profit

“If a product or service is provided to you for free; then you’re the product.” Common Sense.

Facebook’s net worth alone is over $128.290 billion. So, how do you think it makes this insane amount of money? Thanks to your data of course!

Before using social media, you have to give up your privacy & personal information. Meaning, everything you post, everything you see, your likes, your comments, and everything you do on these platforms are stored as big data. Then, it’s sold to big corporations, advertisers, politicians, and other third parties for profit.

After your data is sold, it’s used by politicians to sell you policies that are only good for them. It is also used by marketing companies to improve their advertising & psychological warfare to make you buy their stuff. (They got us by the neck).

So, if you really care about your privacy & personal data, I think this is enough reason to delete social media.

8- It detaches you from real life

Sadly, we’ve become so obsessed with social media that we plan our days around it. We collect our best moments & the highlights of our daily life to post them without actually enjoying the moment. Wherever we go, we take the happiest selfie to post despite being unhappy. We post the perfect meal before even tasting or enjoying the flavors. We hide our physical imperfections behind filters as if it’s shameful to be imperfect. 

Ironically, we care more about our life on social media than real life. And this alienates us from experiencing our real lives as well as connecting with ourselves. We care about how others will judge us based on our social profiles and not as individuals. This negatively influences our self-esteem & self-image. Thus, we tend to create a fake version of ourselves to suit the virtual world, yet we sacrifice ourselves. We give up on who we are, to suit the social cult of our modern world.

So, take some time offline and live your real life.

9- It has become a must to have social media!

Nowadays, social media isn’t an exception, but it’s an expectation. Everyone is expected to be present on social platforms. It has become odd not having socials. Even professionally speaking, businesses & organizations expect their employees to be on social media.

Moreover, some employers might evaluate you based on your profile. You might even get fired because of a post on your feed. However, isn’t using social media a personal choice? Who gives someone the right to force it upon you in this way? What if you’re tired of social media, and it undermines your health. What to do then? Quit your job!

Obviously, it is unfair to make social platforms a must that should be used by everyone despite all its negatives. Therefore, deleting your social media is a good start to breaking the cycle!

10- It harms your eyesight & disturbs your sleep

Consuming too much social media means a long exposure to blue light emitted by phone devices. The problem is that blue is too bright for our eyes, which harms our eyesight. That’s because it may cause damage to our retinas leading to serious macular degeneration. In turn, it weakens our eyesight.

Exposure to blue light also undermines sleep quality. To sleep healthily, our bodies need to produce melatonin. However, when looking at the blue light, it deceives the brain into believing that you’re looking at a well-lit landscape. Therefore, it causes a delay in the production of melatonin, which leads to sleep disturbances & unrest.

Again, if you really care about your eyesight & resting, I think this is one of the main reasons to delete your social media!

Summing up 

To sum up, I hope these reasons to delete your social media are enough! To convince you that social media isn’t good for you & your health anymore. I know it’s hard to quit it all together overnight, but given its downsides, we all ought to. However, if you don’t agree with anything in this article, you can share your perspective with us. So hit the comment section below!

On behalf of Overmentality, thank you!

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