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Learn how to sleep through the night without waking up [8 techniques]

In this article, we will be listing eight techniques to help improve how you sleep through the night without waking up AT ALL!

The quality of your night and your productivity throughout the day are interdependent and interconnected. Unless you have a good night’s sleep, you won’t be 100% yourself the next day, and you won’t have the day that you want.

And vice-versa, unless you spend a 10/10 productive day, you’d struggle to sleep the next night and you’ll wake up foggy and drowsy the next morning.

I don’t claim that my days are all productive and I sleep any night like a baby. I, like any other human being, have ups and downs. Sometimes my night may be good sometimes may be eh, not good! But in this article, I will talk about a few techniques that help me get a better night’s sleep and a better workday. Let’s get started!

8 Ways to sleep through the night without waking up

1 – Get direct 10mn exposure to sunlight once during the first hour after you wake up

2 – Move your body throughout the day and get tired

3 – Stop eating crappy food

4 – DOn’t eat AT LEAST 3h before you sleep

5 – Reduce exposure to light in the late afternoon

6 – Reduce room’s temperature & use enough blankets

7 – Breath through your nose, not your mouth

8 – Don’t set an alarm

1 – Get direct 10mn exposure to sunlight once during the first hour after you wake up

a hand reaching to the sunlight

Unless your brain knows it’s daytime not night, you wouldn’t get your dose of cortisol.

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress and awakening. It’s the hormone your body releases in a fight-or-flight situation, and it also is the hormone your brain releases when you know you just woke up and need to start your day!

In other words, you need your shot of cortisol even before that of caffeine in order to feel awake. And to stimulate your brain to do it, you need to expose your skin and eyes to the sunlight.

We were wired this way! Through thousands of years of evolution, our bodies learned to differentiate between the bright light coming from the sun in the morning, and that orange warm light coming from the campfire! The first one makes us feel awake and ready to go hunt some buffalo, while the second prepares us for a long night of sleep through the night without waking up.

In a nutshell, expose your skin & eyes to direct sunlight in the morning (not filtered through glass or a building) in order to stimulate cortisol secretion.

2 – Move your body throughout the day and get tired

a girl running while exposing her body to the sun

Modern life has made it so hard for our bodies to get really tired and sleepy.

We’ve been adapting for hundreds of thousands of years to fight lions and bears and chase god only knows what… only to be surprised with laptops work and bureaus with ACs and food one click away from us.

It has become so easy for us to work and earn a living -physically speaking- that we no longer pay the tax of sleeping. We no longer get our body muscles tired and consumed. Instead, we use our brains at higher capacities than basic humankind did to survive in nature. We no longer move our bodies the way we are wired to!

As a result, we barely feel tired or exhausted. Yet, we feel stressed and mentally fatigued instead! And if you remember, we just mentioned that stress is caused by cortisol, which is a morning hormone, not a night one!

So, we’re not only NOT getting physically tired, but we’re also getting mentally stressed as if we’re prepared to take on a physical task while we actually are trying to sleep!

The solution to that, as you already know my friend, is to exercise madly for at least 45 minutes a day.

The least you can do as an utterly lazy person is to walk five miles a day, which we spoke about excessively in our article Benefits of Walking Five Miles a Day.

Work out and get your body exhausted. Earn that night’s sleep so that your brain gets rid of excessive cortisol and knows it needs to rest instead. That way, when you lay your head over the pillow, you’d close your eyes and sleep through the night without ever waking up until the next morning!

3 – Stop eating crappy food

Fast food & a good night’s sleep will never go along.

The first body reaction to fast food is feeling sleepy due to the fast spike in blood sugar. Your veins widen up to allow blood to circulate faster, as a result, you feel relaxed and somehow high!

This will certainly impact your productivity throughout the day, and if you give up some time to sleep after that meal… congrats on not being able to sleep at night!

What you also may not know is that even after the inertia caused by fast food is gone, fast food is still in your intestine and doesn’t plan to go anywhere soon. A research found that healthy crappy food such as Kabab and barbecue will take up to three days to be digested. A very bad fast food meal like an McD’s menu will eventually take far beyond three days.

So, you grab that quick meal, go to your bed at night and try to sleep, but your body is still trying to digest that crappy meal you had earlier today (and whatever you ate after it). You close your eyes & gasses in your intestine interfere. You sleep but you have to wake up to go to the bathroom or drink some more water. The struggle stays like that, and you don’t get your dose of good sleep at all.

I have ARFID

As someone with ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder), I find it very hard to stick to a healthy diet. My body doesn’t accept new nutrients and considers whatever’s new as something toxic. If I eat something new, I’ll suffer from diarrhea or vomiting for the next few hours.

Still, I do simple tricks to avoid having sleep issues such as eating very small meals four times a day rather than two thick ones. And I make sure 60% to 80% of what I eat is not animal-sourced. That way, I allow my body to digest food faster & easier without increasing or decreasing my blood sugar rates massively.

Yet, I very often misbehave and can’t resist that crappy meal. But when I do, I know a bad night is waiting for me! Nobody’s perfect right? So, be it, do your best to avoid that fatty fast food meal but if it happens it’s okay! try again tomorrow and the show goes on.

4 – Don’t eat AT LEAST 3h before you sleep

Another thing that if I do I get a really good night’s sleep is if I skip dinner.

I usually do it most of the time, but even if I don’t skip it, it usually is at least three to five hours before bedtime that I eat.

A good reason is that I allow my body to deal with the food that’s already in it & send it to a place in my digestive system where I don’t have to feel it exists. That way I get comfy trying to sleep & I don’t need to go to the bathroom every five minutes to take a piss or something.

In fact, that itself is enough reason to stop eating and drinking anything three hours before bedtime! How many times did you wake up at night feeling like a fire hydrant! That’s to say, you’re beyond ready to go to the bathroom…

Avoid the occurrence of this situation by NOT drinking water or eating anything (because guess what, all food is made out of at least 40% water) at least three hours before you go to bed. That way you grant yourself a good sleep through the night without waking up at all.

5 – Reduce exposure to light in the late afternoon

As we explained in the first step, exposure to sunlight sends a direct signal to our brains that it’s daytime. The brain then regulates the circadian rhythms and adjusts hormone secretion to suit the morning needs.

Till now everything is okay and cool.

But the problems start when the body and especially your eyes confuse sunlight with that which comes from the laptop’s screen or your phone’s. Let alone the bright led light bursting out of the lamps all-around your house.

This keeps your body stressed and awakened because it doesn’t know it’s nighttime. I mean it obviously is too dumb to!

So, help your body out by decreasing exposure to bright and blue lights at least two hours before you go to bed. You can do that for instance by using night mode on your laptop & phone. This reduces blue light & increases red ones in an attempt to imitate the natural shift from sunlight to a campfire.

It’s not the best thing to do but if you’re like me, someone who works on his laptop in the evening… that’s the least we can do for our unlucky bodies.

Another thing you may want to try is using candles instead of lamps at night. I know it’s so romantic and you’re a miserable single person who sleeps cuddling a pillow and wondering why God created you but still… It’s no excuse to keep frying that skin at night.

Less light = Better night!

6 – Reduce room’s temperature & use enough blankets

As we’ve been mentioning for the trillionth time throughout this article, when trying to get a better night’s sleep, we are directly trying to adjust our lifestyle to the natural one.

And guess what, our primitive bodies are still stuck with caveman DNA. That’s to say, we still crave the coldness of the night in order to sleep. And this is why if you live in a hot state for instance you’d find yourself less sleepy at night than in the morning. And because the weather only gets colder in the last third of the night, your body only gets drowsy by then.

Vice-versa, you’re still chatting and talking to friends and stuff by one or two A.M.

What you want to do, if you have an AC, is to reduce your room’s temperature somewhere around 68F. This tells your skin it’s time to get cozy and cuddle that pillow up and sleep. But you don’t want to get the room cold and feel it… As long as it’s cold, and your body feels it for a couple of minutes… It’s already time for you to cover up with enough blankets to feel warmer than your mother’s womb (I just made that expression up. It makes no sense but it’s copyrighted and I don’t allow you to use it).

7 – Breath through your nose, not your mouth

Fundamentally speaking, anything in the world is a form of experience to the body or the mind. We are in the world in the form of a combination of a body & mind. But these two guys aren’t static. They’re constantly changing. Every single moment, you experience something new that you’re no longer the same person as you were a moment ago. And so does your body; you’re burning genes and building new ones constantly.

So, which one of you guys is you? You now? You then? Or you tomorrow…!? Based on this argument, Yogic philosophy goes on to say that we are not the body, and we are not even the mind. Affirming these statements when trying to sleep, our body’s reaction is that it sleeps deeper & needs fewer hours to rest. Call it magic or metaphysics! All I know is that it works and I am sharing it with you. You can check more about this by simply watching Sadhguru’s videos about this very statement.

Anyway, breathing through the nose is the natural way to breathe. We only breathe through the mouth when we’re running away and we’re being very stressed. Or we can reverse it and say when breathing through our noses, we’re relaxing the body! And when through the mouth, we’re stressing it.

So, go on and make sure to breathe through your nose only when trying to sleep. Do that as you affirm “I am not the body” when you inhale, and “I am not the mind” when you exhale. DO this for a few nights in a row and magic will eventually happen.

8 – Don’t set an alarm

a girl sleeping with an alarm

Setting an alarm subconsciously puts you in an alert state! You will sleep, but your Amygdala -a brain part- will stay tuned for the alarm tomorrow.

It will stay alert and may even wake you up a few minutes before the alarm’s time. You’d wake up fresh and ready to devour today’s prey, but a few hours later, your body starts getting dull and exhausted.

That’s because you didn’t get into a deep sleeping state! Your body wasn’t relaxed 100% and your amygdala is already feeling a little tired of functioning the whole night through.

What you want to do is to allow your body to sleep as much as it needs! If you wake up fresh after just a five hours sleeping quota, that’s so good! Go on and start your day off. And if you sleep for nine hours, so be it!!!

We understand that you may have kids & responsibilities and it’s totally fine to adapt to sacrificing your sleep for the sake of your kids or partner. But still, do your best to allow your body to rest enough and wake up in a natural way without the need for an alarm.

In a nutshell

All the aforementioned practices aim to hack your body and brain into feeling like they’re living in a natural state. You only sleep through the night without waking up by regulating your circadian rhythms, which will regulate how you feel throughout the day. Do so by exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning & reducing exposure to blue and bright light in the evening. Eat healthy food & at least three hours before bedtime. And most importantly, work out and get that body tired!

This way you make sure your body will be ready to sleep when you want it to! Sleep tight.

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