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Leadership vs Management: All the Differences & Overlaps

What is the difference between leadership vs Management

In a nutshell, a leader is a people person, and a manager is a progression person. In other words, leadership revolves around communication, persuasion, and helping team members move from one place to another. Management, on the other hand, is engaged in managing the teams’ energy, talents, progress, resources, and production.

This is a nice way to define Leadership vs Management. But here is a more realistic one:

Leaders tend to make people see what they see and convince them to take risks, carry the responsibility of their choices, and make a difference together. In the final destination, they both share the same dose of disappointment or that of joy and fulfillment.

A leader can be anyone in a team. He can be the CEO of a giant corporation or just an ordinary staff member. When a team member shares an idea with the team and it receives acceptance, the team’s behavior is influenced by the idea and conforms to its principles.

In this case, we can say that the ordinary dude managed to lead the whole team to take a specific set of actions towards a specified goal; from here to there.

Managers possess a vision of how things work and how they can be better.  Their primary goal is not to influence or affect the team’s thoughts, but rather to focus on improving the progress, increasing the production and success rate.

While doing this may require some leadership skills, a manager is usually in charge of a team and dictates an idea rather than suggesting it.

Do leadership & management overlap?

The seemingly contradicted approaches have more in common than you may predict. So, instead of being a manager and dictating what the differences are, I chose to lead you to the following table where I will share some of the qualities and practices of leaders and managers.

That way, I will help you move from Point A: not knowing the difference between the two notions, to Point B: knowing the difference!

(God, I’m becoming good at this!)

Here is a table that clarifies the differences between management vs leadership:

Control mindsetContribution mindset
Dictate & make decisionsPersuade, communicate & suggest
Impose visions and ideasShare visions and ideas
Evaluate staffEncourage staff
Manage changeAdapt & take advantage of change
Assign tasksMay assign tasks
Administrate resources & forceMay administrate resources & force
Take from point A to point BTake from point A to point B
Solve problemsSolve problems
Aim to achieve the best resultsAim to achieve the best results

Let us know what you think of this table in the comments section or contact us to suggest modifications! We aim to produce high-quality educational content here, and we can only achieve that with your help.

What would you rather be, a leader or a manager?

Counter to any time before, the world now needs leaders more than managers! Gone are the days when a manager tells the employees what and how to do things. And workers shall serve and obey. Or when a company’s success depended on how aggressive the chiefs are. People now have choices. And therefore they o longer accept this kind of mindset whether it comes from their managers, leaders, or even employers!

The Internet opened the world up to communication. Then, the concept of freelancing emerged. People can now hire a good content writer -wherever he might be. And he can choose to whom he wants to work wherever he himself is based!

That is to say, employers can now choose who to hire from tens of millions of talented freelancers. And freelancers as well can now choose for whom to work, and for whom not from hundreds of thousands of employers and companies.

And I don’t think they’d choose a manager with a controlling mindset rather than a nice leader. That’s because I’m dropping clients repetitively when someone acts in a bossy and controlling manner.

a leader in a black suit

In a nutshell

The future holds a lot of opportunities for individuals with a leadership mindset. Even if you want to be a manager, or you are one, you should adapt to the new world order by becoming better at explaining ideas and visualizing the future rather than controlling it.

Also, future leadership looks nothing like today. You need not only to possess good leadership communication skills but also to be well-versed in internet technologies that enable you to deliver good webinars and online training sessions.

While you can still hire people to help you prepare these things for you, knowing how to deal with Zoom, Google meets, or the basics of Premiere Pro will not take a lot of time & will spare you hiring another assistant!

Overmentality’s approach to leadership vs management:

Successful leadership is essential for the success of any project. It inspires team members to take the right actions, and it grows a sense of responsibility and self-esteem in the employees’ mindset. This can only take a company forward because well-led talents perform best.

In Overmentality, we knew that we don’t want anything but successful leadership. This actually was the reason why we started this whole project. We wanted to have a platform where we can unleash our potential and be our own bosses. So there was no room for a controlling mindset. Instead, we wanted to lead one another to a higher self; become an overman.

The story

The founders are two friends of mine and I. Now that we work with different clients on different projects revolving from SEO marketing, copywriting, website development, and social media marketing… etc, we had to add members to our team to help us achieve great results in record time.

More team members need leadership. And our philosophy is to treat our team members the way we want to be treated by our clients; with respect and admiration. So, whenever we hire new members, we make sure they are the type that wants to improve. This way we make sure they accept the feedback.

Simultaneously, no matter how busy our schedules get, we all have a one-hour to three hours meeting once a week. All of the members attend it so as to speak about our progress, what we learned, and what we suggest.

These meetings help our team members feel valued, and they help us identify more talented and creative people to come back to.

Who is the boss? Nobody.

Who is the leader? Everybody.

This is our business model. And it may not serve you well. The idea is that you should find a way that lets your team blossom and flourish as fast as possible.

If you struggle with leadership with your team. We would love to help you overcome your challenges and come up with a plan to get the best of your team. Feel free to contact us, and provide us with more precise information about your business, and what you struggle with. And unless we know how to fix it, we will reach to people in our network to get you the best advice.

To sum it all up

Future leadership in business is utterly different than what it is now. Internet technologies are shaping our present and will continue to do in the future. So, success in leadership requires you to master leadership communication skills in the real world and across different internet platforms. But don’t worry! We managed to do it right and build an awesome team, and we are here to help you do the same!

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