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How Much Weight can you Lose by Walking Five Miles a Day?

Walking five miles a day helped me sleep better and become more productive

This article won’t be a typical “Benefits of walking” article. This is the story of someone who fell in love with walking.

I will be speaking about the day I discovered I actually walk a lot, and decided to do it more often. So, let’s start with a quick intro!

Growing up in a marginalized hood where no playing parks or kindergartens were to be spotted granted me a lot of free and leisure time. What I would do is what almost everyone in my part of the world would! Go out and play until the bathroom is calling.

I would wake up at 9 A.M, skip breakfast, and play soccer nonstop until 2 P.M. I would only come back home to eat or take a piss, then go back to play until the night falls.

Hide & Seek was our favorite night game. We would again play it for hours until our parents start looking for us. Hearing your mom calling was a gloomy announcement: your fun is over for today.

You may think this is abnormal! But if you combine how long we walked and ran every single day, no matter what weather, cold or warm, at the age of 12 years or less… That was something, at least for my friends and I!

I was sharp and fit for my age. I enjoyed it. But at the age of 12, studies started to get more complex and competition for good schools gets tougher. I was enjoying school, so the nerd in me will take over the barbarian who never gets tired. And I would play less and walk less and lose my shape as I go.

Walking 5 Miles a Day & Burning Calories

During the next few years, I caved in and became dull. I was a real nerd. I would watch documentaries, read books, and skip soccer games with friends for extra paper time. But I never was happier, there was always something missing. I knew I needed a little active time, but I felt an even stronger need to explore the world!

Walking five miles a day

Being fond of humanities, I joined the Department of Culture and Media Studies. That’s where I met my all-time best friend, Ayoub. From day one, we would dive deeper into our conversations as we walked all the way from the students’ city to the center-Ville. About 8 Miles!

It didn’t take us long before we started doing it almost every single day. Sometimes we skipped some boring university sessions to add some miles to our daily walk. We shared a similar background, so walking was a real thing for us.

What benefits did walking more than five miles a day give us?

Walking 5 miles a day made us burn a lot of unwanted calories, gain more mental sharpness, increase our dose of happiness, and it actually made us more productive rather than tired or lazy.

My diet was not really good. I ate chocolate a lot and drank too much coffee. Fried chicken, too, was always on the menu. But still, my body wasn’t gaining any extra weight, instead, my thigh muscles were growing, my skin was feeling healthier, and even my digestive system and stomach were just fine with my diet.

All of that, thanks to walking 5 miles a day or more.

I was not really fat. But I was not happy with my shape. There just were a lot of unnecessary fats hanging under my neck, arms, belly, and thighs.

Walking five miles a day helped me lose that weight. I got rid of it and replaced it with a fitter and healthier body. I no longer feel lazy after a meal, and my focus was getting only better.

According to Better Health, walking for 30mn a day burns about 150 calories.

I walked more! Way more than that. And you can do it too.

Easy Walking – Best Way to Achieve Good Weight Loss Results in the Long Term

Easy walking is just normal walking but a little easier. Bright definition, right?

Well, an easy walk means walking less than what gets you tired, and slightly more than where you are far too comfortable. For instance, if you can walk for one hour straight, but would get cramps and get exhausted the next day… we would suggest walking only for 30 minutes only, but do it every day instead!

This would tell your body: “Hey! Seems like a new habit is being adopted, better adapt buddy!” Your brain literally tells your body that, and it would therefore start burning calories.

After a week or two, you can make the 30 minutes of walking 40. And in less than a month, BOOM! You’re walking five miles a day easily. You would start noticing how the smell of your sweat wouldn’t be bad anymore, which is a sign that your body is less intoxicated than it was when you started.

Yes, walking makes your body get rid of the intoxicating nutrients you absorb from food or even chemicals you breathe in from the air. These toxins make the smell of sweat worse, and practicing sports burns the smell away.

Benefits of Walking Five Miles a Day

In addition to weight loss, walking five miles a day has a tremendous amount of benefits on your entire body. these are some of the major ones.

Stress reduction & focus improvement

Your daily walk routine reduces stress and helps you clear your head. In fact, it even changes the shape of your brain!

A study conducted on children showed that kids’ brains get more active than usual in the frontal cortex. The latter is responsible for conscious thinking and focus!

Out of experience, walking helped me increase my focus span at the university.

Anyone majoring in humanities knows that you have to think a lot in abstract forms. This usually exhausts the brain, but walking after my morning sessions would clear my head; thus helping me study even more when I’m home. And I would have a better sleep!

Walking Helps You Sleep Better

Do you suffer from overthinking? Feeling unsatisfied about your life and daily achievements? Starting to feel like I’m asking too much questions? okay, I’ll stop.

But seriously though, these before sleeping negative thoughts are nothing but a dose of cortisol and excessive adrenaline. The former makes you feel bad, and the latter makes it harder to sleep.

A 5-mile walk every day burns the excessed adrenaline & reduces the production of cortisol. Simultaneously, it will increase the production of endorphins (the ‘I’m feeling good’ hormone).

This helps you think less negatively before sleeping and overall get a deeper sleeping quota.

Another surprising thing walking does is: make you sharp in the morning. Studies have associated early morning walks with feeling sharp and awake the whole day.

Boosts Your Creativity

I can’t say I experienced that but studies say so. Who am I to disagree?

Well, walking helped me be more productive, but as someone who enjoys writing in three languages, it has always been depression and sadness that inspired me to write poetry.

But when trying to work on a humanities research paper or something as demanding, I needed to feel good and be ready. And walking has really helped me -and still does help me- achieve that.

Lowers Alzheimer’s Risks

My father’s uncle died two years ago (from writing this article) at the age of 107! He died after having a very normal productive day! He was at that age, and he would still go for a walk in the morning around his property. And he would keep watch of his herd for at least three hours every afternoon in the nearby hill.

His days included a lot of walking, and often, lifting heavy things! One, easily, can believe his daily routine to have helped keep him healthy for a relatively lot of time.

He also could remember a lot of things that people his age would barely know existed. For instance, he’d remember the names of people he barely meets (including mine). He even remembers the times of sunrise and sunset instinctively. And he never forgets anything he ought to do any day.

So, make sure you walk no less than 2 miles a day to reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer’s in the later stages of your life, as a recent study suggested.

Walking Strengthens Your Heart & Adjusts Blood Pressure

Walking increases heart rate and pumps blood into all of your veins and arteries. This is like a gym session for your heart’s muscles.

A stronger heart muscle means less heart attack risks, more endurance, and far less stress!

A Daily 5 Miles Walk Reduces Risks of Obesity

A five miles walk does not only help your inner body, but it also helps it from the outside too.

As walking is considered a HIIT exercise, your body’s metabolism will keep on burning fats and growing muscles even hours after you’re done walking.

If that’s an issue for you, we recommend you take a cold shower after each walk to stop the burning process!

Personal Wrap Up

A year from having finished my University studies, I still walked almost every single day for at least 40 minutes! After covid19’s restrictions started fading, I joined a gym!

I, now, would run at least 20 minutes 4 times a week, plus an extra 30 minutes of other cardio workouts. Then, I’d work out for the next 2 hours!

I already noticed extreme peak in my physical and mental endurance. I’m more agile when playing soccer or basketball, and ten times more productive when working on my agency!

My body, after about 5 months from my first session at the gym, has transformed massively. I now can do over 60 push ups in one row, and I can play football or basketball nonstop until the game is over.

Swimming is no longer a problem! I spent over 40 minutes in water without touching anything but salt and sea waters!

I, therefore, genuinely invite you to walk more, burn more calories, drink more water, and just be healthier! It’ll take your life forward, my friend!

Walking Five Miles a Day FAQ

Will walking 5 miles a day burn belly fat?

The short answer to this is Yes. Even walking one mile per day will burn fats in all of your body including your belly. But if you want to get a flat sexy belly, one mile ain’t enough.

You should walk and work out more than the majority of people and burn more than you eat.

How much will I lose if I walk 5 miles a day?

Depending on your weight and metabolism, the amount of fat loss might differ. But roughly speaking, a five miles walk will burn anywhere between 1500 to 3000 calories. Which is a very good amount to get rid of.

Feel free to ask us any questions, share your stories, suggest an edit, or ask for a consultation. We can reach out to our partners to get you a detailed plan to get a better life for free. And always remember: the journey of a thousand miles, start with a step. You’ve got five miles to walk today. Go and get it, pal!

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