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Lobsters explain how do successful people stay successful! 

Find out why & how successful people remain successful while others get stuck in the failure loop. And find also how you can beat that loop and become a better version of yourself.
what can we can from lobsters about why successful people remain successful!

Hello folks! Welcome to another insightful article by Overmentality! In today’s blog post, we’re going to be answering a question I myself have been asking for a long time. Probably ever since I could remember. The question ladies and gentlemen is: how do successful people stay successful?

The best answer for this question is found in Jordan .B.Peterson’s “12 Rules For Life – An Antidote to Chaos.” Jordan explains that the chemicals in our bodies respond to whether we succeed in a battle we undertake or we fail. When we succeed, our bodies release healthy hormones and prepare us for another success. And vice-versa, when we lose, we get prepared to lose again! Accordingly, our past can and does affect our future success and failure rates. But in this article, we’re going to see the science behind this, and also how can you start a journey of endless success!

Why do successful people remain successful?

A successful man working on his computers

Animals & humans alike organize their societies in a hierarchical way.

We’re born. And from day one, we start getting injected by cultural codes in order to fit in our world. This is done via language, dos & don’ts, and we learn it even more from everyday life observation.

Animals as well have their ways of learning. While some animals like chimpanzees and lions use voices and fights to teach one another about their places in the hierarchy, some got better tricks! One interesting species that are very different from big cats and monkeys are lobsters!

If only I could disregard how delicious they are, I would’ve found the answer to my eternal question a long time ago.

But lazy me had to read a book to find the answer -accidentally in the first chapter. And as Overmentality’s mission is to help you find answers & become the best version of yourself… We’ll be answering this question scientifically right freaking now! So, let’s not beat water and start with the story of a fellow lobster. 

A day in a lobster’s life


Lobsters live on the seafloor. They feed on the leftovers of the battles and wars being undertaken over their heads, or on what water brings with it. Looks like a peaceful life?

Well, it is if we are to disregard one thing: the need for more.

As lobsters live on the floor of the sea, more territory and more controlled land area are equal to more food and better shelter. It even means better sex quality and more often.

So, when trying to expand its territory, a male lobster more than once finds itself face to face with another male lobster. Looks like it’s time for a battle right? Wrong! It’s time to dance!?

Well, not yet but, if you think that lobsters are normal animals that feed on leftovers, you’re wrong! First, they live on the seafloor, so their shells are extremely powerful to protect them from the extremely high pressure of water above their bodies. If the shell is affected very lightly, it could be the end of its life!

Second, and most importantly: lobsters have the fastest weapon in nature! Their claws hit faster than voice travels in the air! So fast that it makes water boil if moved at its top speed.

You don’t want to try that hit. And neither does any other lobster! That’s because after one hit with these claws, possibly both lobsters are going to die. One affected by the hit, the other may break its claw due to how hard is its component’s shell.

A fight between two male lobsters is equal to suicide!

So, how do lobsters organize their social hierarchy?

They avoid fighting as much as possible! To them, only fight when it looks like you’re perishing anyway!

Instead, they developed a four-stage journey before they start fighting. The stages are deeply rooted in their genes that even lobsters kept in captivity know and perform these four stages to avoid fights.

These stages are:

Stage 1: Releasing identity gasses

The first step a lobster takes to mark its piece of land and push competitive males away is by releasing a complicated chemical substance in water. The substance is similar to our social media profile or ID pictures. It tells a lot about us!

The substance tells other lobsters about the weight of the landlord, its health, gender, readiness for a battle, and a lot more!

This is a direct “don’t you dare to step in my land” message spoken to less powerful lobsters. But sometimes stubborn males don’t pick the message. And it’s time to move to stage two!

Stage 2: Dance Dance Dance

So, a stubborn dude refuses to give up and challenges the landlord! It thinks it can beat it so, it’s time they’re engaged in a stage two level of competition.

Here, the two lobsters stand in front of one another, and start literally dancing! They clap with their claws and turn around themselves. It’s as if they tell one another: “Look at me b! tch, I got massive body and claws! Better run away already.”

If one finds the other scary enough, it leaves and the battle is done. If not, it’s time to get tougher.

Stage 3: Lubs’Sumo

So the smell wasn’t good, and the dancing wasn’t as scary as it should be. It’s time for a quick Sumo fight!

Sumo is a Japanese thingy where one fat person tries to turn another around. Lobsters do almost the same here!

The two lobsters engaged earlier in dance are now trying to flip one another on its back. If done, it’s an “I can kill you” message to the flipped one.

Usually, battles are done here after one or two flips at max. It barely exceeds the edge of two flips before the two arrogant selfish sex-addict seafloor litter crabs decide to go to the next stage & fight.

Stage 4: Fight with the fastest weapons in nature!

Only now that neither of the lobsters is ready to give up the fight that they use full power. Lobsters at this point are ready to die for a piece of land and a little more sex or food.

But usually, one dies instantly or in a couple of days, while the other struggles to recover for longer. Or even more occasionally, it gets overthrown by another healthy lobster that shows up very soon after the battle’s over.

Lobsters see this coming, that’s why they avoid battles in the first place.

Yes, but what about the question?

Going back to why successful people stay successful, a winning lobster is more likely to win again.

Of course, that is if we disregard the ones at stage 4 ( who most probably will die) and which are less than 1% of the equation.

But in general, lobsters that manage to kick other ones away from the battlefield (or the dancing floor!) become stronger physiologically. And vice versa, losers’ physiology responds negatively to losing.

When a lobster wins, its body releases Serotonin. A hormone that lifts up its mood and improves self-esteem, self-trust, and overall, it feels better. It also increases appetite and improves brain & muscles growth and the digestive system’s ability to extract nutrients.

On the other hand, when a lobster loses, its body releases Octopamine. It’s the hormone of stress, fear, anxiety, and worries. A lobster with extra octopamine is expected to be afraid of everything; thus walking away from its next battle! Even its brain shrinks to the point where it can only perform very important and basic life requirements such as eating and hiding. And only then, it starts growing again.

Where do we stand in this?

We are just like our fellow lobsters; that’s to say: we also undertake battles almost on a daily basis.

Humans as well are competing against one another in order to improve social status (territory) and increase the chance of getting a better life, better shelter, and better food. And whether we admit it or not, we fight for better partners & sex!

So, whatever we do at any moment, is a mere extension of this urge or need to get better at life. Whatever we do is meant to reduce pain and increase the pleasure!

You even are reading this very article so you learn more about yourself, and about how successful people stay successful, and thus become or stay successful yourself! You are reading in order to become an ambassador for Overmentality: a better version of humans in everyday life.

We as well get a dose of Serotonin and our brains and muscles grow bigger and stronger when we win even without using our muscles. And vice-versa, if we lose, both body and brain start to shrink and get dull. It’s like your being feels that this body and brain don’t function well, it’s high time we shrink them and build new ones that would function better!

This is most evident in depression cases. People who lose a lover are usually sheltered in depression’s arms for too long that their brain’s waves and neurons are reduced massively. That’s like the brain is damaging itself in order to delete memories and habits associated with that person. Thus build a new personality with different traits and properties.

So, what can we learn from this?

The lesson we should learn from this anecdote is that we also take battles & get affected by their results. Successful people stay successful because they are successful; because they are prepared to remain successful! And poor people remain poor because they fail in life battles.

If so, are we trapped and caged by where we are and we can’t escape it? That’s to say, if we are poor we’d always be poorer vice-versa?

The answer is NO! If there is something we should learn from the lobsters is that we should choose our battles carefully.

The trick to winning is by choosing accessible and winnable battles first. And when we win them, we’d get our dose of Serotonin and get more self-esteem for the next battle. Continuously, we’d be able to undertake & win harder and harder battles, and we’d be succeeding step by step.

Set reasonable goals & manage yourself & time into achieving these goals. And when you decide to do something… DO IT WITHOUT HESITATION!

Do this enough times and the next time you look at the mirror you may not even know yourself.

Tips to start being successful at anything you do:

To sum

Successful people stay successful because they take battles and compete over things they’re far more likely to win. As a result, they keep on winning, and their bodies keep on preparing them to win. You can do the same by choosing battles in your league and winning them, and keep on increasing the challenge gradually until you hit your full potential: the overman!

Don’t forget to check other articles from Overmentality to help you become a greater version of yourself mate! Cheers

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