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Hack your brain with 10 basic morning habits – Overmentality

Discover the following 10 morning habits to hack your brain, boost your performance, and maximize your productivity.
discover 10 morning habits to hack your brain, boost your performance & productivity

Everyone wants more from their brains. Even Tesla and Nietzsche did! It’s what we live to do as overmen. We strive for more mental sharpness and better body-mind harmony. It’s for this reason that we prepared this article to get the best morning for the best day. So, let’s hack your brain and build that freaking awesome morning routine.

10 habits to make your morning better, hack your brain, and boost its performance throughout the day:

  1. Remember your dreams
  2. Make your bedroom
  3. Drink a lot of water
  4. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
  5. Practice a deep breathing exercise
  6. Make tea or coffee
  7. Drink it while planning your day or journaling
  8. 5 minutes HIIT workout
  9. Grab a healthy breakfast
  10. 30 minutes of active reading

Hack your brain in the first hour of the day to boost its performance the whole day through

1 – Remember your dreams

Remembering your dreams once you wake up has positive effects on the brain, which includes improving memory

We believe that our audience and readership are lifetime learners. That’s to say, you and I and whoever is reading this article are interested in improving their hard and soft skills on a daily basis. And this is not the only common thing we have!

I’m sure that you as well have experienced a state of deep sleep where you are dreaming about things you learn throughout the day.

Be it preparation for an interview or a test, or a creative project you’re struggling to finish, your brain doesn’t stop working when you sleep. Instead, it starts to formulate memories and pile up knowledge. It’s when you’re asleep that your brain is trying to form memories and solve conflicts and problems you live with.

And it can’t do that without you being aware. So, you end up dreaming about whatever is going on in your brain.

Most of the time you wake up foggy and dizzy so you just ignore whatever your dream is about. But that’s one terrible mistake to make!

Your brain has been communicating with you and showing you solutions. And you just don’t remember them! It’s for this reason that we urge you and beg you to spend the first 10 minutes of the day trying to recall your dreams.

Don’t leave your bed, don’t use the phone, don’t kiss your partner if you have one (we understand they’re so attractive but stick for 10mn please)… Simply sit there and think about what you dreamed about.

Do it enough times and you will hack your brain and get astonished at how much you can learn from one night’s dreams.

2 – Make your bedroom

If you listen to Jordan B.Peterson’s podcasts, watch his videos, or read his articles and books… you’d be flabbergasted at how often he stresses making your bedroom first thing in the morning.

Making your bed is an amazing morning habit

But you wouldn’t be surprised when you consider the fact that your surrounding environment affects your inner one. When you set everything in order in your room, you send a direct signal to your brain that “everything in the world is under control, relax and do your job.”

Brain coach Jim Kwik explains that “When you clean off your desktop, you clean up your office, your bedroom… you have a clearer mind and vision.”

Jim goes on to assure that how you do anything is how you do everything. So, the first thing you want to do in the morning is to start right by making your bed. As small and fragile as the mission may seem, its effect on your brain is extremely massive and you’d notice it after one time!

We are not claiming that if you clean your bedroom you will cure cancer or become the next Nietzsche. Yet, we highly believe that you’d have a far better day & a clearer state of mind if you do this very trick!

3 – Drink a lot of water

There are two main reasons why drinking water in the first hour of the day helps hack your brain. The first one is that your brain, despite that it’s only 2% of your whole body’s weight, consumes 20% of the energy of your body!!

This is 10x more than what it’s supposed to take; isn’t it? So, give the guy the water it deserves!

The number two reason is that when sleeping, the body consumes a lot of energy, resources, and water… Especially to detox itself & digest the food it takes.

It has to be noted that tap water may not be good for your brain! I mean, almost 93% of your body is water, and you drink chlorine-rich water and expect yourself to function properly?

We also understand the hustle & the hard work to save up for that next project idea. Still, boiling water and saving it in a jar instead of a plastic bottle will be of EXTREME help to increase water quality, thus your brain and body’s health.

4 – Brush your teeth with the opposite hand to hack your brain

Brushing your teeth & scraping Your tongue is an essential morning habit to take care of your health

You’d ask yourself, “I understand brushing your teeth is good. But why use the opposite arm? And how is that relevant to hacking my brain?”

The trick is pretty simple & effective!

When you brush your teeth using the usual hand, you’re basically on autopilot! you don’t need to think about how to brush your teeth and you don’t struggle with hand movements. It happens magically without any help from you.

Using the opposite arm means more mental effort trying to adapt to a different skill. It’s been proven that using the opposite hand to perform autopilot tasks such as brushing your teeth, writing a quick note, opening & closing a door… etc, creates new neural connections and neural networks in the brain. And this is exactly what you need to build a long-term strong memory: more networks and connections.

5 – Practice a deep breathing exercise

As we just mentioned, the brain consumes a lot of energy. And this doesn’t only mean water and nutrients, but also a lot of oxygen!

It, of course, gets enough oxygen to stay functioning properly. But we’re trying to hack it and boost its performance, right?

If so, extra more oxygen is a must. You can do this by practicing deep breathing exercises that could be simply standing there at the window and breathing deeply and slowly for 2 or 10 minutes. And it can also be meditating and altering your thoughts and calming your brain too.

In case you choose to meditate, you can read our guide for beginners here!

“… Let’s say you’re new to meditation. And fortunately, you’ve been able to carve out the best time for practicing mindfulness. It can be a bit confusing to know how to meditate or choose the best methods & techniques suited for your purposes. This is why we’ve created this short guide to help you begin your journey towards inward peace and discover your higher “self“…


6 – Make tea or coffee

If you love drinking coffee like me, the best time to do it is the first hour before having breakfast. Your body is consuming that water you drunk, and it’s ready for a dose of caffeine to get started.

But if you’re a tea-party person (pun intended), there’s nothing better than brain tea. It’s simply tea that’s nutrient-rich. It’ll help you start your day right not only because it will be digested quickly and make you energetic, but also because you’d find a certain level of peace preparing your tea by yourself.

Well, at least I do.

We recommend using Celestial Seasoning black tea for it is nutritious & natural with no artificial flavors. Reduce sugar or don’t add it at all if you can because it’s just extra artificial energy that nobody needs.

When buying from our Amazon link, you help us make a very small commission to keep this blog going. Thanks for your purchases & support.

7 – Drink it while planning your day or journaling

As you drink that cup of tea or coffee, it’s time you plan your day & journal a little.

We have a whole article about how to plan your day right and you can read it by clicking here… But we’d love to remind you to be positively realistic when journaling. That’s to say, don’t go fairy tales and paint it pink while it’s blue. Yet, there’s always a brighter side and more things to be grateful for! You, at least, can read and think! And that itself is a blessing you can take advantage of to move forward.

When journaling, consider what you can achieve by hacking your powerful brain!

And it might be worth noting that legendary brains like Nietzsche, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Beethoven, and Einstein… all wrote diaries and journals. So, are they writing journals because they’re geniuses, or are they geniuses because they write diaries?

Journaling makes you see what’s in your mind on a piece of paper. Whatever it is, a fear or a goal… seeing it on a piece of paper reduces anxiety towards that thing and makes you perceive it smaller -subconsciously. You end up hacking your brain into seeing things as they are, thus acting upon that truthfulness!

8 – 5 minutes HIIT workout

A high-intense interval training workout or HIIT for short is a form of exercising that moves as many muscles at the same time as possible.

It’s very good to start your day right and boost your brain’s energy because you drank water, drank coffee or healthy black tea, and practiced a deep breathing exercise… It’s now the time to make more blood and oxygen reach your brain and the ends of your body parts.

A quick HIIT accelerates the digestion of tea and coffee and activates your cardio system for the rest of the day. It also burns unwanted toxins that are still in your body from last night’s detoxification-sleep-session.

Simply go for a 30s Jumping-Jacks, 30s High Feet, 30s rest, 30s fast feet, 10 Push-ups, 25 Squats, and repeat this whole process.

If your body is dull and inactive, this may not feel like a good way to start your day but, rest assured! It only gets easier after day one!

9 – Grab a healthy breakfast

A HEALTHY breakfast. No palmier and a fatty cup of milk. We really recommend grabbing dates and raisins because they’re naturally sweet & boost your energy for the next six hours.

A common healthy breakfast can also include oats, blueberries, porridge, dry fruits, and probably anything that’s naturally sweet and fast-digesting.

Rich & healthy breakfast is very vital for energy and good performance

10 – 30 minutes of active reading

Again, it’s not a 30 minutes reading, it’s 30 minutes of ACTIVE reading.

Reading is how you just read our article now. You went smoothly and quickly through the sections, snapped the pictures and stored the info, and moved on.

Active reading is more like the reading I did before writing this article & it’s what you do when you read for an assignment.

You read slowly and deeply and highlight things and take notes and ask questions and interact with the freaking piece of content.

That’s what you want to do in the first couple hours of the morning. You read and interact and reflect and get involved in the act of reading.

Adding A 30 minutes of reading to your morning routine is very good for your brain!

This is good for your brain because it doesn’t only activate it and sharpens its ability to work from the first moment in the morning, but it also stores more information and knowledge that you may need in the future.

Although we really recommend reading articles on, we also recommend you don’t use your phone or laptop up to this point of your day. Use a real physical ink on the paper book to read and journal and perform all the aforementioned tasks.

That’s because the phone will flood your system with dopamine, thus making you lose interest in the 10 effective brain hacking habits.

We have an article about dopamine detox that you can read here, and also another one about why you should quit using social media here! See you there!

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