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The top 10 Fashion trends in Africa

A society’s clothing and fashion are inseparable from its culture, and Africa is no exception to this. In fact, It is becoming a major player in the global fashion industry, inspiring designs, and trends around the world. As the pandemic slows down and people get back on the scene, trends are picking up speed again. With Africa being such a fashion powerhouse, its diverse styles, cuts, and prints are definitely worth admiring. So, here’s a guide to discovering the best fashion trends in Africa this year!

Let’s dive into it!


Headwraps are a testament to the diversity of African fashion and culture as a whole. With an incredible array of colors, patterns, and designs, it’s no wonder why headwraps are so popular. They’re sophisticated, beautiful, and an easy way to breathe some life into your outfit. Their long and rich historical significance adds a special flair to whatever you’re wearing. Whether you’re celebrating your heritage, attending a ceremony, or protecting your hair! There’s always a headwrap for you, which makes it one of the best fashion trends in Africa.


Originally remerging as a trend, it seems the off-the-shoulder look is here to stay, and for good reason. If you’re looking to show some skin with an air of sophistication, this is the look for you. A quick tip: apply some highlighter to your shoulders and neckline for a stunning glow. Whether you’re going casual with jeans, or for an evening setting, there’s no occasion you can’t slay with this look. Pair a casual off-the-shoulder top with jeans or a skirt for a relaxed vibe. Try a sleek top with matching pants or maxi skirts for something more elegant.


This clothing trend is for those who appreciate simplicity. Having such a simple and versatile style, jumpsuits are made for you. With an endless array of colors, fabrics, and styles, they are the epitome of effortless style. They’re easy to wear, and just as easy to pull off whatever look you’re going for.

Moreover, they offer many stylish options. You can go for something fitted, flowy, casual, flamboyant, and absolutely everything in-between. With a piece as effortless as a jumpsuit, accessorizing is all you need to bring the look together. Pair a dressier jumpsuit with polished jewellery, and a casual jumpsuit with simple sneakers or sandals.

Traditional prints

Traditional prints are the blueprint of African fashion and a massive part of its universal allure. From Baoule to Adire, Ankara, and everything in-between! These prints showcase the boldness and timelessness of African traditions. So, wearing traditional prints is a great way to show your African pride and celebrate your identity. The never-ending varieties of colors, patterns, and cuts ensure that you’re always in style no matter where you are.

Voluminous sleeves

Fashion is all about making a statement, and there’s no better way to do that than with voluminous sleeves. Inspired by Victorian-era style, these sleeves are perfect for any occasion. Going for something mature and classic? Try the bishop and leg of mutton sleeves.

Or, you can try a ruched sleeve, which is perfect for an elegant, chic look. Maybe it’s summer, and you’re looking for something fun, in which case, the circular flounce has got you covered. As long as you’re looking for an extra flair done effortlessly, a stylized sleeve never fails.


From glamorous evening style to a sweatshirt-and-pants ensemble, the monochrome trend is arguably the most versatile on this list. Sure, you can always throw on a pre-made set, but the devil is always in the details. Little tricks like adding accessories and putting different shades together are the key to really nailing this look. Regardless of taste, there’s no denying that there’s something powerful and striking about a monochrome outfit done right. 


Loose, free, and flowing, kimonos are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as summer rolls around the corner. With a breathable fabric and so many beautiful prints, it’s no wonder why this trend is growing in Africa. Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, the kimono can be worn with every outfit and in every setting. Rock it with casual attire, over your swimsuit at the beach, or on its own as a dress. Experiment with different lengths, designs, and colors to make the most of this trend.

Oversized fits

The oversized look has taken the fashion world by storm over the last couple of years. Loose-fitting tops, jeans, jackets, and dresses make for a comfortable yet stylish ensemble. This look is all about bringing a sense of comfort, and how you define that for yourself.

 However, as with most other trends, the trick to nailing this look is donning it without overkill. Mixing and matching oversized pieces with more fitted ones for example will bring a sense of cohesion and balance to your outfit.


If you want a sense of volume and drama, ruffles are the way to go. One thing that makes this particular trend unique is the variety of placements for the ruffles. They always bring texture to your look, whether on the neck, sleeve, bust, or hips. With this look, keep the ruffles to one part of the piece so it doesn’t get overwhelming. It’s also best to look for ruffled pieces that complement and flatter your specific body shape.

Side slits

If you want to show some skin another way (see trend #2), the side slit might be just right for you. Whether with dresses, skirts, or pants, this brings a sexy and edgy look to your outfit. As with all trends, the best way to rock the side slit is to find balance. For instance, you could pair a side-slit maxi dress with a pair of wide-leg pants. Playing around with different cuts and designs will also bring out your inner fashionista.


Fashion is all about expressing yourself, making a statement, and being an individual. As fashion becomes more global, we have even more avenues to show the world who we are.

We hope you take these fashion trends in Africa and make them your own. With balance, intention, and creativity, you have everything you need to show up and show out. Now, go out there and make the world your stage.

If you’re excited to learn more about this wonderful continent! Read about the best African countries to invest in.

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