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Discover why you feel sick when you wake up early

All the reasons why you don't feel okay when you wake up the next morning!
Why do I feel sick when I wake up early

Sometimes there comes a hit of motivation when we just want to do it all. And we all start by one thing: waking up early; as if it’s the only thing that’s messing our lives up. And the moment we wake up at 5 or 4 A.M, all the other problems will be solved. But once one wakes up, the plans get ruined and all s/he can focus on is the glorious question: “Why do I feel sick when I wake up early?”

Well, if that’s the case, the problem & its solution may be very simple. You’re just experiencing a new lifestyle and your circadian rhythm needs to adapt. And that’s it. We’re going to talk about this in detail in this article.

But first, these are all the most common reasons why you feel sick when you wake up early:

A – sleeping in a bad position:

1 – Sleeping on your stomach
2 – Incorrect shoulder position
3 – Paresthesia

B – You’re new to waking up early, which leads to:

4 – Imbalanced Circadian rhythms
5 – Irritated sleep
6 – Immunity system still inactivated 

A – Sleeping in a bad position can make you feel sick the next morning

sick man because he woke up early

Sleeping in a bad position not only makes you feel sick when you wake up early, but it steals your productivity during the whole day too! There are many slight things that if we paid close attention to, we would be waking up fresh and ready to hit the road.

So, if you suspect that you have an issue with how you sleep, reading this section will certainly help. Otherwise, just skip to the next part.

With no further suspension, here are the most common sleeping mistakes & simple tricks to correct them:

1 – Sleeping on your stomach

I know stomach-sleepers will be like “no it’s not true and I do it all the time,” etc… Well, that’s true. You can get away with it and be fine the next day. BUT if you can sleep on your back or side, it’s healthier and more comfy for your body.

That’s because when you sleep on your stomach, your neck must turn +180° to one side. And it would be hard to adjust your position while sleeping because you’d have to use your back and neck and chest muscles all at once to carry your heavy brain (it literally is). 

What happens is, you stay sleeping awkwardly and your joints will punish you for that.

The next morning -whenever you wake up you’d have a little pain possibly in your jawline, back-neck, shoulders, and maybe lower back too!

A simple solution to this would be to sleep on your back using one pillow to keep your head aligned comfortably with your spine. And for deeper sleeping, put a pillow under your calf muscles because it’ll help blood circulate faster and easier.

2 – Incorrect shoulder positions

Physical therapists Brad Heineck & Bob Schrupp assure that a lot of their patients suffer from shoulder pain more than any other thing. And as a result, they feel sick when they wake up the next morning.

Bob & Brad also assure that most shoulder-patients sleep on their side. more precisely, on the painful shoulder!

It must be noted that when a part of your body (shoulder, neck, spine, etc…) is painful, it means there are a lot more problems in your sleep that you may not be aware of and that make you feel sick and tired once you wake up. 

There are two ways around solving this problem. Both of which include using pillows; a lot of pillows!

The first one is to switch the shoulder you sleep on, and use two pillows! One over your lower arm, and the other one under your painful shoulder. This will ease the pain the next morning. And in just one week; BOOM! You’re fine like a horse? I’m not sure it’s a good metaphor but yeah!

The second one is for the stubborn community that doesn’t want to switch shoulders. You better go to the pillows store and get some extra pillows for we’d be using a lot!

Under your lower rib, put a small pillow (like the one for the babies). This will keep your spine straight & carry the weight of your chest and upper shoulder. Thus, keeping your lower shoulder less stressed. Use another pillow behind your back and slightly lean on it to even reduce the stress put on the painful shoulder. One last trick to keep that spine fine, is to wrap your legs around another pillow (not your partner).

In fact, it’s advisable that you reduce the frequency of sexual activities when you’re new to switching to waking up early. That’s because you’d be wasting a lot of minerals when you ejaculate, and your body would need a lot of time asleep to recreate these minerals. Less sleep than needed may lead to extra more pain in different parts of the body including your elbows, hands, knees, and lower back. 

In this regard, check our article about masturbation and its side effects.

3 – Paresthesia

An uncommon issue is hand pain and/or hand or other body parts’ paresthesia.

Paresthesia is when you feel like a crowd of insects are partying on your skin.

Paresthesia is a tickling and prickling sensation that’s mostly felt on hands, arms, legs, and feet. It’s a harmless form of temporary pain but it tells a lot about your night!

What happens is that you sleep with tension or over-pressure practiced on your median nerves. The median nerve stretches the muscles of the front of the forearm and the muscles of the thenar eminence, thus, controlling the rough movements of the hand.

Abstracting this flow results in Paresthesia, once you try to move the next morning!

So, if you wake up early feeling paralyzed and controlled by paresthesia, what you want to do is TO SLEEP PROPERLY.

Reduce any tension and make sure all your arm and leg muscles aren’t pressured by other body parts & are not curved in an unpleasant manner.

Another thing that may result in paresthesia is when you sleep and your arms are higher or under your head. It may feel nice at first, but once you’re dreaming, your hands will be stiffening.

In general, sleeping in a bad position will definitely make you feel sick when you wake up regardless of waking up early or late. Avoid that by making sure your spine isn’t curved, and that your muscles and joints aren’t pressured.

If you want a video representation of all the above sleeping positions, you can check this video by Bob & Rob:

B – Why I feel sick when I wake up early: ANSWERED

If your sleeping position is healthy but you still feel sick. Maybe it is time to check this section tailored for new early birds who don’t feel okay waking up!

4 – Imbalanced circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm is a natural cycle that happens in the body. It’s an internal process that regulates your sleep/wake quotas on a 24h scale. This rhythm adapts to all your daily habits by controlling your hormones and inner activities, and therefore it controls your mood and how you feel.

Things that can affect your circadian rhythm include but aren’t limited to the time you wake up and sleep, when and what you eat, and whether you exercise or not…

Accordingly, the time you wake up or sleep affects your circadian rhythm, and it regulates your mode. So, when you suddenly change your sleeping quotas and wake up early instead of 9 or 8 AM, your inner body is confused!

Solving this issue isn’t hard at all! Make a daily morning routine and stick to it. Keep waking up early, and leave your bed in less than 10 minutes. Don’t use your phone during that period nor during your first hour awake. Instead, wash your face with cold water because it increases serotonin in the blood, which will make you more awake and ready to hit the road.

Try to squeeze 10/15 minutes of meditation into your early morning habits. And don’t eat at least two hours before you sleep. And if possible, stay away or at least reduce exposure to blue lights.

Keep waking up early for three days to one week, and it will be way too easy. In 21 days it will become a habit and you will wake up automatically. In three months, it’s your new lifestyle!

5 – Interrupted sleeping

Another thing that may result in making you feel sick in the early morning is interrupted sleep.

This will disturb how your circadian rhythms work. And will make you feel exhausted and lazy the whole day.

Irritated sleep can also drive us into a grumpy and ill-tempered mood, resulting in a shorter focus span and limited productivity. You may even feel anorexic or want to vomit!

If that’s the case, we recommend you drink a lot of water before breakfast, and expose yourself to the sun as soon as possible for at least 15 minutes. And most importantly, either walk for one hour or exercise!

This will reboot your inner systems and help you sleep better the next night!

But for greater results, we recommend a no less than 20 minutes HIIT session. Just type HIIT on YouTube and you’d find plenty of good stuff!

6 – The immunity system isn’t activated yet

During the day, your body is constantly fighting off pathogens like viruses and bacteria we get by eating or breathing. The immunity system is giving it 100% to keep you safe.

At night, however, your immune system is asleep too! Which means your body may be prone to be attacked by viruses or bacteria!?

Well, not really! We don’t eat when we sleep, and the air we breathe is filtered before it reaches our systems to make sure it’s not intoxicated. And a small percentage of the immunity cells stay working for the night shift. All of that to keep your majesty sleeping well!

The immunity system also starts getting activated at the end of each sleeping quota, to make sure it’s functioning perfectly before you wake up.

When we wake up unpredictably (to a snooze alarm for instance), however, the immune system needs a moment to be activated yet! This will lead to a runny nose, coughing, or even feeling a little shudder.

In that case, you just need to cover up and snuggle in bed for a little while! 10 to 20 minutes will be enough to get your body immune again. Keep waking up early and this problem will be forgotten shortly.

Sometimes, having sex or masturbating the earlier night may result in this too. Ejaculating, as we explained earlier, drains the body’s resources, and the focus shifts back to your reserved resources.

None of the above?

If none of the listed possibilities answers your question, it might be the right time you consult a doctor! That’s because tens of illnesses may be causing you to feel sick when you wake up early such as diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, OR PREGNANCY? 

Are you pregnant? Did you check? Make sure you do asap and let us know!!

*in a serious tone though*

Usually, there is nothing to worry about! It’s just that you’re new to being an early bird and you need time to adapt. But it will never hurt to consult a doctor to make sure all is fine, and all WILL still be fine for a long time!

Feel free to drop your comments and let us know what’s in your head too!

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