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Discover how to learn new skills 10x faster in 4 steps

10x how fast you learn with our Jim Kwik & I's tips.

Today’s modern world is literally preying on our time & vitality. And over that, it only values us based on what we can do! In other words, the more skills we learn the more we can earn! But it also means the more we work to earn the less time is left for us to learn. As a result, you now found yourself reading this article about how to learn new skills 10x faster!

But the answer my friend, as expert brain coach Jim Kwik explains, is in the word FAST itself!

The four letters of the word possess the keys to learn any technical or practical skill faster and in a very short period of time. 10x faster let me say!

So let’s discover more about these four keys & how they helped me personally -and are still helping me learn new skills 10x faster.

Learn new skills 10x faster with these four techniques 

The four steps or principles to learning new things faster are:

F: Forget

A: Active

S: State

T: Teach

Isn’t it weird that we’re talking about learning new skills and we’re starting by Forget? Well, it is & it isn’t! Let’s just check more about each step & see what’s in it for us to learn.

Step 1: F for FORGET

Expose yourself to less advertisements & mass media streams for a better state of mind!

Forget what you already know

We are now being exposed to a massive flow of information every day. More than ever before!

Still, we never felt so distracted and lost -as a species- like now! That’s because we get injected with tons of information about tons of subjects every single day.

In other words, we know very little about a lot. And when we start learning a new skill, we find our perceptions caged by the little we were injected with from the radio a year ago, or what we saw on a giant TV screen in Times square or somewhere like that!

So, the first thing you want to do to 10x how fast you learn new skills is to forget! Forget all you’ve ever heard and thought you knew about a subject.

Liberating yourself from pre-made judgments and limitations about a subject will open up your brain and make you devour & digest new info easier.

Forget to position yourself

Another mistake most of us commit when trying to learn a new skill is that we position ourselves in a ‘Hard to learn VS Too easy to learn’ state.

As a result, we end up either limiting our potential by thinking we are incapable… or being shocked at how hard something we underestimated is.

So, forget what you think you know about a subject. You don’t know what you want to know, or why try to know it in the first place?

Free your mind from any pre-made judgments. ALWAYS start with a beginner’s mind.

Also, remember that the fastest learners are kids! They can literally learn up to six or eight languages at the same time before they’re ten! Simply because they have no limits & they know NOTHING yet.

Forget about the world around you!

A golden key to learning new skills 10x faster is by forgetting what’s around you.

There are all kinds of distractions around us. it can be the noise coming from the upstairs neighbors, the sound of a social media notification, or simply someone you live with!

All these distractions shorten your focus span and affect how fast you acquire new skills and devour information.

But, you can improve your ability to focus on the task at hand by meditating for a few minutes a day.

If you’re not that familiar with meditation, it’s a very easy skill to learn! But it’s limitless and you can learn new things forever! Start your meditation journey by checking our quick guide designer for beginners!

Step two: A for ACTIVE

We learn things faster not by being lectured, but rather by being fully engaged in them.

That’s why we’ve always been so bored and dull in theoretical classes where the teachers were just lecturing us & talking. And vice-versa; we get so excited when we are engaged in activities and being a part of what we learn. (Not the frog experiments tho)

If there is a lesson we can get our hands on from this, it is that when learning a new skill, we should LEARN BY DOING.

So, don’t just watch that Udemy or Skillshare course tutorial and expect yourself to get better!

Our brains don’t learn by consuming! They’re just not wired to be spectators! They constantly urge us to take action and get out of our comfort zones & experience new things.

So, get those hands dirty in the mud if you want to see a tree in your garden!

How to get engaged with an online course for instance?

  • Repeat sentences you find important when watching a video for instance!
  • Repeat that sentence then read the next one!!
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions & Try to brainstorm potential answers before searching for them
  • Look for words & concepts you’re not familiar with
  • Take short pauses & do quick pushups or jumping jacks to reboot your system
  • Interact with what you are learning by being critical rather than an observer
  • Hit someone in the room with wasted papers (it’s very effective)

Step three: S for STATE

Jim Kwik always says “Learning is state-dependent.”

What Jim tries to deliver here is that our emotions during a learning session affect how effective we are.

Think about a childhood memory with a cartoon for instance… You’d certainly remember something a character said or did simply because you were genuinely excited and enjoying the show.

But I doubt you’d remember one sentence from the news you watched yesterday on TV! Simple because you were bored with the second one.

But we are reactive creatures. This means, it’s the world around us & the skill itself that define our state and feelings, even before we start learning. In other words, we reflect on the world, accordingly, the world controls how we feel.

So, how can we solve this?

Try Dopamine Detox

As we explained in our blog about dopamine detox, we are bored by things we should do, because we get excited doing things we shouldn’t do.

We are constantly engaged in social media notifications and our phones, to the level where nothing else can get our attention!

Neurologically speaking, dopamine is the hormone responsible for all of these troubles!

Dopamine is the hormone of pleasure! If it’s released, we’re enjoying it. If it’s not, we’re in deep boredom.

Social media owners know this very well. They hire social engineers & developers to help create rabbit holes that would keep you trapped in an empty loop for as long as possible simply by stimulating your dopamine secretions.

They hold the strings and treat us just like puppets! 

So as long as we don’t organize our time properly & control the dopamine in our veins, and BREAK free, we’d never learn!

We kindly urge you to reduce how often you use social media, reduce the notifications you get, and force yourself to learn and read more often.
And remember, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

What you eat matters

You’re not going to feel focused and ready to study that subject or learn that skill after a cheesy hamburger.

Your body is too busy digesting the toxins you added to your system. You’d just get so dull and lazy and won’t even 0.5X fast learn a new skill!

Vice-versa, if you eat a salad or any other healthy nutrient that’s easily digested, you’d be so fresh and ready to learn.

We recommend you drink enough water after each meal & don’t get stuffed when planning to learn.

Needless to say, sports improve focus and can really boost how fast you learn new high-income skills.

Step four: T for Teach

I watched and read about the FAST formula by Jim Kwik probably a zillion times before. I took notes, asked questions, searched for things he mentions, asked questions….. etc.

Yet, I’ve never understood them the way I do now.
Simply because I am trying to explain things to someone else: you.

Einstein says: “If you can’t explain something to a 4-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself!”

So, in order to be able to explain these four basic steps, I found myself urged to dig deeper and find better ways to explain the ideas.

This resulted in helping me comprehend and get a grasp of how to learn new skills 10x faster.

The best learning strategy, accordingly, is by teaching what you want to learn.

More techniques to learn new skills 10x faster

1 – Repeat what you learn Out Loud

In a 2010 research, articulating parts of speech out loud when learning a new skill helps fixate ideas in the brain & makes them stick longer.

In other words, when reading from a visual-based source, it’s highly recommended to voice up what you learn.

This includes tutorials & demos, reading books, or even video courses & podcasts, and any article by Overmentality.

2 – Set goals, and deadlines, & assess your learning

Remember that junior year test that you prepared for in the last 48h, although you knew it was coming a whole semester ago?

This is the last thing you want to do in order to learn a new skill 10x faster. That’s because you will never learn that skill!

Just look at how many unread books are on your shelf, how many courses, movies & series… etc.

The No 1 reason why you don’t devour these materials is that you don’t set deadlines.

If you commit to reading just for 30 minutes a day, you’d finish two books per month! Let alone if you commit to reading and learning more often & for more than 30mn a day.

And again, the reason why you don’t set deadlines is that you don’t set goals!

Before you read that book, watch that course, or watch that movie… always ask yourself, why am I doing this?

The answer is the goal. And it’s also the stimulator & the motivational factor.

If you’re not connecting the skill you want to learn with the value it will bring to your life & career… a lot of your potential will be wasted. And you won’t reach the Overman state.


So, you solved these problems & you still aren’t satisfied with how fast you are learning that skill.

The reasons for this are numerous. And the only thing to find out why is by studying your study patterns.

Assess how fast you learn on different days. Say, for two weeks.

Then from your diaries, see what’s a common thing in the days when you are at your best. It could be a walk you took in the morning, a meal, a friend you met, or that you checked an article on our website.

3 – Discover what kind of learners you are

People are different. Every human being is unique and special. You can never find the same person twice.

Still, we all are programmed based on the same algorithm: adapt & improve.

But due to historical & genetic factors, everyone adapts and improves in a different way. Knowing what type of learner you are will help you learn new skills 10x faster & even more!

Mainly speaking, there are four types of learners.

Visual Learners:

If you’re the type to decipher charts & graphs very easily and quickly, then you must be a visual learner.

Persons of this type obtain info faster when focusing with their eyes, and they may be easily distracted by audio or if they’re engaged in an activity.

Still, this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad when moving or listening. But they’re at their best when engaged visually.

Auditory Learners:

These are Audible’s fans. People who’d rather listen to an audiobook or a podcast rather than watch a video.

Auditory learners also referred to as “aural”, can enjoy learning through debates & presentations such as Ted Talks, more than reading a book or info with their eyes

Kinesthetic Learners:

These are people who learn by being engaged and active when learning.

In other words, they need to be a part of the learning journey. Remember the A in FAST (Active)? That’s exactly what kinesthetic learners enjoy the most!

Hybrid Learners:

A lot of learners can fit in more than one category but tend to enjoy one more than the others.

For instance, I am a 60% visual 40% auditory learner. This means I can understand and learn new skills 10x faster when I am learning something that’s both visual and auditory.

To find what type of learner you are, we recommend this simple but effective test by Arden University.

4 – Use more than one course / learn more than one thing at the same time

Our brains are just like our muscles. They get stronger when they are exposed to more challenges continuously.

So, to make your brain 10x sharper and faster than it is today, we recommend you don’t learn one skill in a short period of time, but rather, learn a lot of skills at once over a long period.

That’s to say, you don’t get fit by working your arms in a month, your abs the other, then your legs in later months.
You work all of them regularly a lot of times in the very same month.

Accordingly, when learning a new language, a new technical skill, and a new musical instrument all at the same time… you are more likely to do better in all of these learning journeys.

5 – EXERCISE & MEDITATE, we can’t stress them enough!

Exercising not only helps your circadian rhythms function better, but it also clears your head and makes it work better.

A study conducted on 1.5 million random citizens in the U.S, has proven that people who exercise are less prone to having a bad day.

Simply because they release stress hormones and get rid of caveman adrenaline when exercising. As a result, they end up focusing more and reacting in a more overman-reasonable manner when put under stress.

Try to at least squeeze a 45mn or 1h walking every day!

Meditation also helps you relax & be aware of your body and mind. You’d be able to know more about yourself and how you react to things. As a result, you’d be able to make better decisions faster.

What we want to say is, by being mentally clear & physically balanced, you’re ready to learn new skills in a stress-free session; thus faster.

6 – MOST IMPORTANTLY: Read Overmentality’s content MORE OFTEN

We aim to provide the best educational & entertaining content here. We publish at least one new piece of content every day. It takes us countless hours to get one article ready and presentable.

If you don’t want to waste your time looking for good articles to read on the web, simply visit our website and we’ve got you!

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[…] Discover how to learn new skills 10x faster in 4 steps […]

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[…] Discover how to learn new skills 10x faster in 4 steps […]

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[…] Discover how to learn new skills 10x faster in 4 steps […]

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[…] Discover how to learn new skills 10x faster in 4 steps […]

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