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Digital customer experience in a nutshell

This article is about Digital Customer Experience. We are going to tackle most of the crucial aspects you need to be familiar with before designing starting to build your digital brand’s online presence & go with the current digital transformation. Enjoy reading!

What is digital customer experience (DCX)?

“There is only one boss; the customer!” Sam Walton.

A good presence online is a must for the success of any business. It doesn’t matter if you own a barbershop or a billion dollars company, it’s the same. So, you can’t afford to not be present in the virtual world. However, if you think being present online with a Shopify store or a WordPress site is enough for the growth & success of your business, then you’re a little too wrong!

The internet enabled almost all businesses to be well-presented in the digital market. Sometimes people build a business website before even building the business itself!

Let alone businesses that are Internet-oriented and may have NO physical presence at all! 

This makes competition fiercer than ever. So having a good online presence won’t do the trick anymore.

Still, there is always a chance to outgrow your competitors. One good way is by exploiting the power of digital customer experience (DCX). BUT, what the heck is DCX? And how Best to use it to outperform competition & flourish that business?

WTF is digital customer experience (DCX)?

Simply put, DCX includes the totality of interactions your customers have with your business online.

In other words, it is about how customers interact with your brand digitally & how it influences their impression of your brand. Or, it’s about how your customers engage with your company through digital channels, and how such engagement shapes their perception of your brand identity.

Note that we didn’t say channel, but rather channels! That’s because the DCX can start on Instagram, continue through Facebook or YouTube before it finally results in a sale in your e-store. This is referred to as Omnichannel DCX.

Anyway, DCX begins from the first interaction a customer has with your digital interfaces reaching the back-end office.

These interfaces can be social media, your business website, e-store, chatbots, etc. The back-end office is usually the final interaction customers have with your business.

That’s because, in this stage, customer service interacts directly with clients to ensure their satisfaction and benefit from your services\products. It is the stage wherein transactions take place between a business and clients through sales & product delivery.

Digital customer experience vs customer experience (CX)

Simply, DCX is only limited to clients’ interactions with your brand in digital channels. Whereas, customer experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions customers have with a certain company or organization on and off the web.

This includes clients’ interactions through digital interfaces & direct staff of a company through customer service.

DCX came as a response in the peak of the internet and other interactive media platforms in the past two decades. Businesses were ought to withstand the digital transformation and the market shift from a world where product and money were controlling, to that where time and service became the new god.

In other words, DCX is an integrated part of CX as a whole. They both seek to foster a good relationship with potential prospects and increase brand loyalty. Therefore, they’re essential components of any marketing strategy to generate good conversion rates. So, to achieve that, you need to provide a memorable experience that meets your customers’ needs & goes beyond their expectations.

DCX and CX are pretty interconnected & interrelated. That’s to say: when you enhance your DCX, you’re indirectly improving your overall customer experience as well & vice versa. Thus, your marketing strategy must focus on both sides; otherwise, it won’t be effective.

Myths of Digital customer experience

Before proceeding to how to improve DCX, there are a number of misunderstandings that should be clarified first!

1 – Customers care about the quality of digital channels

this image explains what is digital customer experience in a nutshell

Not necessarily! Customers don’t really care about how fancy your website or digital interface is. What they seek is an ideal experience that suffices their needs & provides them with what they want. Thus, no matter what digital channels you’re using, they should be suitable and easily accessible for your target audience.

In other words, aim to increase simplicity, accessibility, and deliverability rather than fanciness and looks alone.

2 – Having good DCX is all about technology & strategy

I know having good technology operating your business is very important, yet it’s not enough. After all, your success is determined by understanding your customer’s mindset, and what she or he needs.

Therefore, you need to tailor your digital experience technologies & strategy around the audience and market you’re targeting.

Remember customers are your business partners. Thus, understanding their needs, culture, and expectations is key to success. 

3 – Focus your DCX efforts on sales & marketing

As a business, you should avoid focusing your digital experience resources in one place. Instead of investing all of your DCX efforts only in sales, marketing & e-commerce, you must improve your overall customer service.

That’s your digital experience that must be tailored to increase customer engagement, retention, and brand loyalty. In others, make your DCX customer-centric.

Ways to improve your DCX

Study & understand your target customers

It doesn’t matter how great your DCX is; if you don’t understand your customers, their online behaviors & needs, you’re going nowhere!

In fact, understanding your target audience comes before creating a digital experience for your business!

So, it probably is the first step for a successful digital brand. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your customers’ activity online. Study their behavior, analyze how they engage with other different digital platforms, and assess the performance of every improvement you make.

For instance, you can check how your potential customers interact with competitors in your target industry.

Also, you can use many tools like Google Analytics to generate detailed data about a customer’s behavior online. Or, you can use social media platforms to interact with them directly.

like this, you will have a good understanding of your target audience’s digital behaviors, their interactions, and what they’re looking for. In turn, it will help you come up with an efficient digital customer journey.

Optimize your digital experience for mobiles


Like it or not! Nowadays, people do almost everything via their phones. They order food, do shopping, make a reservation, and do all types of purchases & searches from their small screens. And, it’s becoming the norm day after day. In truth, over 67% of Google searches are done by mobiles. And you don’t want to compromise them.

Therefore, you should optimize your digital experience for mobile users. It should be smooth, simple, and convenient for prospects.

This includes your online channels such as apps, websites… and even the content must be optimized for mobile use! Sometimes pictures and videos that look crazy good on laptop screens, will just look so eh, like my ex’s face on the phone.

this image shows why it is digital customer experience

When optimizing the mobile experience, you must focus mainly on three things:

  1. Page load time: A study done by Google shows that 40% of online customers are likely to leave a page if it exceeds 3 seconds to load!!! This means that if your pages load slow, people will abandon your site altogether, which damages your DCX.
  2. Simple navigation: mobile users are more likely to make a purchase if they can easily navigate themselves within your website. Thus, having a simple interface with good navigation will definitely improve your digital customer experience.
  3. Content Editing: as we just mentioned, the last thing you want to do is to devote a lot of effort to make a celestial laptop website and a hideous phone version. Write short paragraphs, pics & videos tailored to suit all screen types, and icones also should suit small screens. Otherwise you’d waste your time & efforts. And you just don’t want to do that? Okay reader? OKAY? Good.

Having good online omnipresence

Online omnipresence literally means being everywhere on the web.

Your e-business must be present across all channels. Customers should easily find and interact with you online. In return, it amplifies your DCX as well as improves brand awareness & loyalty.

Moreover, being omnipresent gives prospects the luxury to interact with your brand in many different ways across different channels & devices without feeling limited.

Just try to remember how many times you were talking to a friend about a product or a business on Instagram. Then you went and searched that product and forwarded it to that person! Unless you’re on all social media, your potential leads won’t find you and won’t interact & share your brand’s name.

In fact, this may even hurt your brand’s trustworthiness! If you’re a legit and worthy brand, why can’t we see you everywhere?

Omnipresence, in a nutshell, fosters the relationship you develop with the customers while understanding their needs & interests more closely.

Design your DCX strategy based on your customers’ behavior online

Always build your digital experience based on how customers interact & behave in terms of your target industry. That’s because different industries have different digital experience strategies. Thus, they have different customers’ behaviors & interactions online.

Also, avoid exhausting your resources on DCX technologies & marketing while neglecting customer service. To succeed digitally, you need to establish an equilibrium between the two.

After all, effective customer service will ensure customer satisfaction, which enhances your entire customer experience including DCX.

Summing up

This unblurs the horizon & clarifies the path. By now, we believe you know WTF is DCX & DX, and you’re ready to start spying on other websites & come up with yours.

On behalf of Overmentality, Good luck with your business!

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