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The surprising benefits of massage for everyone!

Thanks to its amazing effects on health, massage moved from a luxury, a therapeutic operation into a crucial part of athletes’ training routine. Stil, massage has surprising benefits for everyone. Read on to find out!

Long gone are the days when massage was a luxurious activity. In fact, today’s research shows that massage has crucial benefits for both professional athletes & sports enthusiasts (everyone!). It’s even proven by the American Massage Therapy  Association (AMTA) that massage can improve one’s health & cure certain ailments. 

So, it’s no longer a question that it should be part of your regular training program. However, if you’re not convinced, you should continue reading this article about the surprising benefits of massage for everyone!

Fundamentally, a massage consists of two responses from the body. First, a mechanical response is caused by pressure and movements enacted on different parts of the body. Second, a reflexive response is created when nerves respond to stimulation during a massage. 

Most importantly, there are many types of massage, and each type focuses on one of the responses or both combined. Also, it doesn’t only include physiological benefits; surprisingly massaging the body has psychological benefits as well.

You can think of it as yoga or meditation. It’s not as spiritual of course! But it provides similar health benefits for everyone. Be it a pro athlete or a sports lover, It should always be part of your training program.

The physiological benefits of massage

Massage good for your cardiovascular system 

this image shows the surprising benefits  of massage for everyone!

Massage directly influences your cardiovascular system. That’s because it expands blood vessels leading to more efficient blood circulation. Moreover, the act of massaging the body pushes the blood to flow back to your heart. In return, it enhances blood pressure while providing tissues with more oxygen & fresh nutrients. Fortunately, this helps cleanse your system from harmful toxins. 

Above that, because massaging the body makes you relaxed, it lowers your heart rate and reduces tension & stress.

Massage is good for your muscular system

Because massage improves blood circulation, it helps relieve muscle tension, mitigates soreness, and promotes faster recovery. Massage can also improve muscles’ flexibility & joint mobility, which boosts athletic performance & endurability. 

On the other hand, including massage in your training program will help you build your muscles leading to a stronger body. It may be irrelevant, but massaging can improve your skin tone and give you a healthier look.

The psychological benefits of massage

No wonder! Massage is an advisable treatment for disorders like insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression. That’s because it has many psychological benefits including feeling calm, relaxed, and almost serene.

Endorphins is released during fairly during massage sessions

this shows the surprising benefits of massage for everyone!

Massage stimulates the brain to release Endorphins; a group of neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of wellbeing & satisfaction. Moreover, studies have shown that massage lowers stress hormones levels like cortisol, adrenalin, and norepinephrine. As a result, it strengthens your immunity system.

Furthermore, massage improves mental health because it can drastically enhance your focus, alertness, and mental sharpness. It also helps to cope with depression & anxiety.

Apart from that, mental stamina & improved focus are needed for pro athletes who are under pressure. It is usually caused by competitive sports that require both mental and physical strength. Thankfully, massage therapy can help pro athletes to boost their mental stamina as well as relieve stress & tension.

Briefly, practicing massage regularly will improve your mental health as well as strengthen your immunity system. It’s also an ideal practice if you struggle with depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia,  and so on. That’s because it reduces the release of stress hormones while increasing satisfaction & wellbeing.

Massage benefits for athletes

this shows the surprising benefits of massage for everyone!

A sports massage is essential for any professional athlete, for it has both physiological & psychological benefits. More importantly, athletes need it because they experience intense physical activity and psychological pressure. Sometimes, they suffer from serious injuries and mental fatigue. Thus, a regular massage can help treat these issues and accelerate their recovery.

So what are the benefits of massage?

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1 –  It lessens pain & discomfort 

Being an athlete includes intense training and physical activity, which may lead to serious injuries & pain. You might suffer from chronic pain or frequent discomfort. Thus, massaging your body regularly is vital for your recovery and athletic performance.

In fact, there’s a study showcasing that massage encourages the production of Mitochondria. If you don’t know what that is! Mitochondria is an energy cell responsible for suppressing pain, repairing muscles, and mitigating physical discomfort.

2 – It accelerates recovery from injuries

Injuries are almost inevitable in sports (it is what it is!). The problem is if an injury isn’t well treated, it can undermine your performance & entire career as an athlete. Therefore, massage therapy is very important to treat injuries and boost recovery.

It is also proven that massage is very effective to treat muscle soreness & exhaustion. That’s because it relaxes muscles as well as increases their flexibility and mobility.

3 – It improves blood circulation

As mentioned above, massage has many cardiovascular benefits including better blood circulation. Therefore, having massage therapy after a game or intense physical activity is vital. Research shows that massage enhances and maintains blood flow, which relieves muscle soreness. It also cleanses your body from waste products & toxins by providing blood tissues with more oxygen & fresh nutrients.

4 – It boosts your performance

As an athlete, boosting & preserving your performance is very important. Thus, you should have a regular sports massage before competitions and games. That’s because it makes your body more flexible and agile while improving your blood flow to your muscle tissues. This directly boosts your performance while preparing you physically & psychologically for your next game.

5 – It decreases stress & tension

Most athletes experience tremendous psychological pressure that affects their performance. This pressure can lead to stress, tension, anxiety, and lack of focus. Accordingly, athletes are advised to include massage therapy within their training.

Massage encourages the brain to release endorphins, a type of neurotransmitters responsible for wellbeing & comfort. Also, endorphins work as natural pain killers as well as improve the mood while promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Also, the act of massaging promotes better mental health & alertness while reducing stress and tension. In other words, massage strengthens your mental stamina and helps you cope with psychological pressure.

6 – it enhances your sleep

Good sleep is a significant part of every athlete’s lifestyle. That’s because it improves performance and accelerates the time needed for recovery from injuries. This tells us that having proper sleep is essential to succeed as a pro athlete.

Fortunately, massage radically improves sleep quality because it helps release tension and stress while promoting deep relaxation. It is just like meditation because it relaxes both the mind & body, paving the way for better sleep at night.

A side note: the benefits of massage aren’t only limited to athletes only. Instead, everyone can reap the fruits of a good massage for better health physically & psychologically. That’s exactly why we titled this article “the amazing benefits of massage for everyone!”

this shows the surprising benefits of massage for everyone!

When is the best time to have a massage?

First off, there isn’t a right or wrong time to enjoy a massage. It all depends on your lifestyle, schedule, and daily routine. In other words, you can have a massage in the early hours of the morning, the afternoon, or at night. Again, it depends on your availability and that of your therapist.

However, it’s recommended that you have a massage when you’re less busy or active. For example, if you’re a pro athlete, you can have a sports massage when you’re not actively performing or during your rest days.

In case you have a busy work schedule, you can have your massage early in the morning before going to work. Otherwise, you can schedule your massaging therapy during the weekend when you’re free. This will allow you to benefit from your massage more effectively.

So, there isn’t a golden hour here. You are in charge of when & where you want to have your massage, yet you will reap the same benefits regardless of the time.

A side note:

You should understand that there are different types of massage. Every type is tailored for different therapeutic purposes. Thus, it is important to know which type of massage best meets your needs & lifestyle.

To know more about this, you can read this amazing article about Types of Massage.

Wrapping up

Alright, champs! I hope this article has massaged your brain a bit and answered your questions. Hopefully, by now, you’ve understood the importance of massage for you & everyone! If you have more insight or information, you can share it with us below.

In case, you have something in mind that can help us improve our content, please comment below. Don’t shy out! you can even share your massage program with us and how it helped throughout your work or training.

All in all, wishes you health, wealth, and wellbeing in your life. 

-Thank you-

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