What’s Overmentality

Overmentality aims primarily to help people
live the best life possible.

We primarily target entrepreneurs & self-employed individuals, but if you’re not, you’d still find an interesting thing or two here!

Our approach is inclusive. Overmentality’s central passion is to help you and others to become the best versions of themselves. Feel welcome to join us!

Overmentality was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the Overman. The overman is simply a woman or a man who aims to constantly get better every single day.

This eternal urge to grow and become higher than average is what drives the original content we write here in Overmentality.com

Who Founded Overmentality?

Overmentality was Co-Founded by two friends who are now professional content writers and team leaders. In fact, we now are a team of over 8 individuals working on different aspects of this project; and all of us aim to write professional, engaging, and entertaining educational content.

Jack Grant

Founder and Co-owner

Mark Grant

Floor Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

People Like You!

The Co-founders & team members invested their time and money to get Overmentality going at first. But now we make very tiny income from Ads & Amazon’s Associate Program.

You can also donate to your favorite content writers’ Paypals by visiting their personal profiles Here on Overmentality.com

We currently specialize in content writing only. We’re helping different websites and startups build trust with their clients through content writing & we also help them get the best results possible with their SEO efforts.

In Overmentality, we believe in diversity. Our audience is not limited to a specific demographic, ethnic, cultural, or social group. Everyone, including you, can be part of our big family. Our main goal is to provide a platform wherein you can learn, grow, get inspired, and have fun!

In Overmentality, our team is dedicated to the betterment & growth of your personal and professional life. Our job is to help you bring out the best in you by sharing, original, informative, and educational content.

We consistently publish insightful content related to:

Entrepreneurship, self-growth, health, finance, spirituality & mindfulness, business, technology, marketing, and fitness. You name it!