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20 Rock & Metal bands you must watch Live! (Some you never knew)

Overmentality will be hosting a series of ‘The Best 20’ in the music field. We believe in the overman; that’s to say, we only give a damn about the good stuff! Anything in our top 20 series will only be aesthetically top-tier and will please your ears. The first one in the series is about the best bands live. This is a personal-opinion-based list and not fact-based for there are no facts in art but perspectives! Let me know what’s your favorite band live when you check my list!

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20 – Poets of the Fall

Most of my friends are metalheads and Rock fanatics. Yet, none of them knew Poets of the Fall before I presented the band to them, unfortunately. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know them either! POTF is a Finnish metal band that has a unique style where they mix alternative rock with metal and hard rock… a jam of all the beloved rock instruments are present in most of their songs.

Olli’s solos (band’s lead guitarist) are not for instance as complicated as Slash or Jimmy Page’s. Yet, his melodies are unique and make you feel emotions you never thought were there. Other band members are also as good live, but I believe their powerful weapon is their talented vocalist Marko Sareesto.

I think the fact that the band’s name is Poets of the Fall tells all about their lyrics! I recommend you listen to Carnival of Rust, Gravity, My Dark Disquiet.

19 – Jadal

Another band I’m sure you never heard of. Jadal is a Jordanian alternative rock/metal band that really rocks the stage. It’s probably the most popular rock band that sings in Arabic. As an Arabic speaker, I approve of the power of their lyricism. They use romantic words and poems but most of their songs symbolize the oppression and struggle of freedom of speech in the Arab world.

Watching Jadal live will certainly remind you of Linkin Park’s performances and probably Blink 182’s vocals too! In a nutshell, I recommend you check Malyoun ( A million), Ma fe Ghirek (There’s Nobody but You), and of course Tobah (Repentance).

Let me know what you think about them if you check them! Also, they’re the only Arab band that made it to the list, but there are really a lot of talented bands. But very few metal and rock events are held here. Pop is devouring metal and rock in the Arab world. But anyway, if you guys want some good recommendations let me know & I’ll share my Spotify playlist with y’all!

18 – Limp Bizkit

I mean, c’mon! We all know what Limp Bizkit is capable of live! They’re one of the very few Rap Rock bands that actually are as good live as in the studio. I might even go a little crazy and claim that their live performances are better than their lives!

There’s just nothing to point out and call it their strength point! The band is just complete! Many LB members left the band. But its spirit never left so as the lead guitarist Wes Borland is always heating things for Fred Durst to rock up the stage with his rapping. Just go out there and watch Break Stuff or Rolling and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

17 – System of a Down

Even pop fans who can”t endure heavy metal vocals love and embrace SOAD. That’s because they’re unique AF and just make you hype to the unpredictable guitar riffs and vocal yells and growls.

It’s very rare to find a band with two vocalists with almost the same vocal capabilities and ranges and still ain’t boring or monotonous! I know y’all know what I am talking about! Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian are just two great singers and guitarists and rockstars that sound as good in the studio as in live shows!

The band’s anti-system ever since day one. It’s their concept. And after decades of goatness, they released a new song ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’ earlier this year to raise awareness about the Armenian ethnic cleansing war, minorities’ oppression, and injustice towards natives. 

I’m not going to recommend anything this time! I’m sure any SOAD song is worth checking!

16 – Imagine Dragons

Don’t hate on me already! You might be thinking that Imagine Dragons are poppies and don’t deserve to be on the list, let alone being considered better than SOAD. But remember, it’s my personal choice, not a factual one! And I have my reasons!

Imagine Dragons are not that much of a rock band as they were in their first or even second album. Anyone who tastes the instruments can assure that. But if you watch their live performances and shows, you’d find them singing the same poppy song from the album in extremely different ways.

You hear the bass and sharp guitar hits as the feeling-rich vocals and lyrics are inviting you to travel within yourself. In other words, ID may not be a great rock band if we judge by their records, but they definitely are one of the best live performers of all time!

Wrecked & Enemy are two great songs live from their most recent album. But I highly recommend Whatever it Takes, Demons, Dream, and Battle Cry.

15 – Rage Against the Machine

As someone who very often needs to release, Rage Against the Machine is one of my favorite bands live. Tom Morello’s guitar shivers your bones and invites you to bang your head even if you’re bold. Let alone the drumkits of Brad, the outrageous bass of Tim and Zack’s super angry vocals.

RATM is a pro-anti-system band that can’t seem to miss a chance to speak up for the subalterns and help the oppressed. They tweeted and spoke about different political and humanistic issues from the Palestinian and Syrian issues to global warming. They just don’t seem to care about whether their fanbase is affected by their opinions when they know they’re standing on the righteous ground.

I highly recommend you check ‘Killing in the Name of’ for sure, but other underrate RAGTM songs include Wake Up, Sleep Now in the Fire, and Testify.

13 – Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows, A7’s vocalist, can literally turn into a beast in 0.01 seconds live. He’s definitely a top-notch metal vocalist that can go toe to toe with other legendary vocalists like Corey Taylor for instance.

But M-Shadow isn’t the only monster in this band, Synyster is also a magician guitarist. He showed off how high his heels are in live performances of very fast and complicated solo riffs like Buried Alive, Hail to the King, and of course A Little Piece of Heaven!

What are you waiting for? Go get those ears blessed already!

12 – Radiohead

Radiohead’s creep is one of my favorite songs of all time. I know all metalheads and rock fans know this band extremely very well and they listened to their albums from Ok Computer probably up till A Moon Shaped Pool. But I really doubt you guys have given the band enough credits for their live performances.

If you haven’t I recommend checking any of their live shows and you’ll see Thom singing his soul out through the microphone as Johnny, Ed, and Collin backing him with the guitars and Bass. And let’s not forget how monstrous Philip gets in his drum chair too! 

11 – Nirvana

There’s no doubt that Kurt Cobain is one of the greatest grunge vocalists of all time. The man branded himself as a legend in a very short period of time (relatively speaking). And though the band only lasted for 7 years due to the unfortunate death of Kurt, they left a great legacy behind them! It’s enough to say that their 90s songs are getting millions of views in the age of Britney Spears and Billie Eilish. ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ even exceeded a Billion views on YouTube and Spotify!

One of Nirvana’s greatest shows was the ‘MTV unplugged’ as all Grunge fans know. But they also have a bunch of good live performances you can check on YouTube!

10 – Queen

Freddie is definitely one of the greatest vocalists of all time. I would’ve said the best but he’s toe to toe with others for me, and a lot of people including me hate comparing things like vocals. Because it’s just like comparing sunsets! They’re all beautiful and unique. I’d rather enjoy than compare such a thing.

Yet, I got the balls to compare performances and y’all can’t stop me cos it’s my own article and it’s my blog! So be it.

Queen has some of the greatest moments live. I am talking about the Aids entire show for instance! It’s one of my top three shows of all time, and I only put Queen as 10 instead of a better ranking because, well it’s not convincing but, I only got into their music a few years ago. I have a deep relationship with other bands because they shaped my personality and character.

It’s a personal order, not a factual one; there are no facts in art actually!

9 – Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s not very surprising to know that the most popular member of a band is the guitarist rather than the vocalist for instance. But with RHCP, the story is different! Flea, the bassist, is RHCP’s superstar! He’s one of the very few bassists that grab attention rather than play in the shadows.

But he’s not the one behind RHCP’s massive success. The band is overall so good. Unique vocals, unprecedented rhythms, weird but deep lyrics… RHCP is just perfect. I believe what makes them one of the greatest performers live is their harmony and ability to magically communicate and understand each other through the instruments while performing!

Yes! They did go freestyle a trillion times live and they kept the harmony going as if they predicted each other’s next move! In fact, Flea explained that he was inspired to write the bass lines for Can’t Stop thanks to one of their live performances where everyone went wild!

And let’s not forget that Flea went onstage 100% naked to show his stands from political decisions!

I recommend you check Can’t Stop, Californication, Dark Necessities, and any live performance you see out there!

8 – Greenday

It’s not always that a small band of three members can really rock your ears live! But Greenday definitely can and does rock your ears live!

Billie Joe Armstrong sings better live than studio records. Just check him singing 21 Guns or Boulevard of Broken Dreams live and you’ll know what I am talking about. Mike’s Bass and Tré’s drums are also so perfect. The alternative 90s rock band was one of the very first bands that gave more focus to vocals over guitar hits. They inspired many other great bands that came in the late 90s and early 20s such as Panic at the Disco, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, and Kaleo too!

8 – Muse

It was so hard for me to put Muse as NO 7 rather than 2 or 3 at least! These guys are just so good live! They’re even better, I would swear!

Remember Radiohead? Muse is basically an extension but with a far more rebellious vibe and outrageous spirit. It’s obvious in most of their lyrics that they take a stand against the system. Check the lyrics Knights of Cydonia or Uprising for instance! “No one’s gonna take me alive, the time has come to make things right, you and I must fight for our rights, you and I must fight to survive” or “They will not force us, they will stop degrading us, they will not control us, we will be victorious”

I mean, isn’t that beautiful? It is for sure! And it’s 10x better when you listen to it live. I recommend the Wembley performance for it’s one of their godliest ones. And I recommend Muscle Museum, Knights of Cydonia, Hysteria, and certainly Plugin! Matt Belmey went mad in that last one more than once! Check and let me know which performance is your fav!

7 – Saturnus

The only Doomed-Metal in the list. Not because Doom metal bands are bad live! Not at all! Doom bands are probably the greatest live performers. Most if not all of them combine talent, vocals, lyricism, and guitar solos with a very unique and dark vibe.

I included Saturnus alone because it’s the only doom metal band I know that has really good quality live shows.

I recommend I long which is attached here, but all their live performances of any songs are just so godly!

6 – Guns n Roses

Guns n Roses is one of the most influential bands in the history of hard rock. In fact, I might argue that they’re just the best hard rock band toe to toe with Queen.

But truth to be told, Slash is so crazy live. He’s so good that when he left the band, they had to hire three guitarists to replace him live! I literally mean and you can go check their live performances without him.

Axel’s vocals are as well unprecedented and incomparable. Yet, I still give all the praise to Slash!

5 – Scorpions

I grew up listening to ‘The Wind of Change’ and ‘Still Loving You’. But though I couldn’t understand any words, yet, their singing would really make me get so emotional and put me in a peaceful state of mind.
I grew up and became a pro-Scorpions fan. I now know what Klaus says and means when he sings his lungs out in Wind of Change or Still Loving you. And my perspective has gotten a little deeper than when I was a kid, so I even enjoy their solos and melodies much better.

The first live performance I watched by Scorpions was Rock You Like a Hurricane (Ft Johannes). But Most of their other performances are just as good or better!

4 – Metallica

It’s no surprise to see Metallica in the top 5 bands live in almost any list out there. The band is just too good! It’s probably the most famous Metal band out there.

But it’s not overrated for sure! The band’s solos and riffs and drums are just incomparable. Some say that bands like Opeth and Megadeth are just as good. Truth is, these other bands are extremely good as well. But Metallica is Metallica! Every metalhead knows that.

Just go check for instance their live performance of Fade to Black, Unforgiven II, or Nothing Else Matters. I know y’all know the band, so I ain’t talking about it no more!

3 – Pearl Jam

“I know you’ll be the star in somebody else’s life, but why can’t it be mine?”

It’s one the most powerful lines I ever heard in a song about someone who couldn’t be with the person they love. That’s Pearl Jam in a nutshell.

The band’s vibe in general is a little sad. Though none of their members committed suicide or was reported to have clinical depression or anything, but their vibe is still sad! Just like their fellow Grunge Gods like Soundgarden/Audioslave, Nirvana, and Stone Temple Pilots, PJ have extremely good live performances that exceed their studio records.

I recommend Black in MTV Unplugged or Prague 2018. The song is about Eddie Vedder’s first love; he says everything was so good between them but somehow they knew they can’t be together, and it tore his heart that he wrote a song, and only sung it years later. Even now in his 50s, Eddie still performs the song with very deep sorrowful emotions.

Other good songs live include but aren’t limited to Yellow Ledbetter, Jeremy, and Sirens.

2 – Pink Floyd

What can one say about Pink Floyd? We need Shakespeare to describe how good Pink is! Them bass solos, guitar solos, lyrics, concepts, ideas, symbolism, allegories… Pink Floyd with no doubt is the greatest band of all time; at least from my own perspective.

I’m not going to talk about their history or dive into mentioning stuff about their songs. Well, because we need a whole article just to talk about one of their lines in one particular song!

So, let’s focus on the fact that the band live sounds 12233292323 times better than records. They’re by far better than any other band I know in terms of harmony and emotionality.

I also won’t recommend anything by this band! Just go and listen to anything from their live performance if you haven’t and you’ll feel my words.

P.S Pink Floyd has the Greatest Guitar Solo of all time as per many critics and fans too. The talk here is about Comfortably Numb’s second extended solo written band performed by David Gilmour. Check the live performance by clicking here.

1 – Linkin Park

I texted one of my friends a day before starting this article and I told him about the idea. The first question he asked was “Who are you putting after Linkin Park?”

That’s how much of a Linkin Park fan I am.

One good reason for my LP obsession is that they’re the first metal band I ever listened to because I wanted to. And to be honest, I am one of those who are touched by their lyricism! If you know an LP fan you’d know what I am talking about.

In other words, I might be very biased to put LP as NO 1. But even a blind person can tell this band live is just the best ever!

What I love the most about it as a whole is how all the members perform like it’s the last day alive. They perform as if there’s no tomorrow.

Mike forgets to breathe while he raps, and Chester sings and growls like his throat and lungs are made of, I don’t know, metal maybe?

Let alone the craziest drummer I’ve ever seen! The talk here about Rob Bourdon… And you can check his drum solos to know how crazy this dude is.

Chester is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. He probably is the first thing you’d think about when you hear Linkin Park. We hope he’s in a peaceful place since he left us in 2017!

But, all the band members give credit to Mike Shinoda for the band’s success. Mike is a producer, composer, writer, lyricist, rapper, guitarist, poet, painter, digital artist, NFT creator… That man is the Elon Musk of art!

All their live performances are good & all their songs are good. That’s an opinion.

But the best performance of all time is the one below. Watch till the end & you’ll see what the band can do in the last few minutes of the show.

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