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10 In-Demand Skills for 2022 – Beat the Rat Race ASAP

Which skill you have? Which one Will you master next?
Virtual Reality game coding is a futuristic high income skill

Learn one high-income skill once, and increase your income forever!

I learned a high-income skill, that’s why you’re reading my article now! If I weren’t a successful copywriter & SEO marketer, there could’ve been no way you’d give this article a chance! And guess what, the more you read these words, the more I am going to make money, and the ahead I get in the escape of the rat race. That’s the power of possessing a high-income skill!

Tough but true! Yet, if you follow this article, it’s guaranteed that you’d find the missing piece of the puzzle. You’re about to build a fire and lit up your way toward developing a couple of money-making skills. This will help you increase your income. And thus beat the rat race.

What is a high-income skill?

A high-income skill is simply a skill that generates enough income so that you can say the F word to your boss. Well, we don’t recommend you do that out of respect, but if he deserves it, why not?

In other words, a high-income skill is one that people are ready to pay you a lot of money to benefit from it. Depending on what part of the world you live in, a high-income skill should be able to cover all of your expenses for less than 20% of the income it generates.

There are no boundaries to what it could be. But since we are living in a more digitalized world, you’d notice that a lot of skills we’d mention here are internet technology-related. So, try to pick yours, and become one of the best in the world in your league. That’s the postmodern way of reviving the American dream, or should I say the global dream?

NOTE: A high-income skill is different from a high-paying job. And both will not make you rich. Yet, they’re giant steps towards financial freedom and independence.

How to choose the right high-income skill for your Career

My story

I am a nerd. This means I enjoy swimming in the libraries and drowning in the pages and words. It also means that I love using words to create isles in the ocean of writing. I loved writing. Yet, little did I know about making money writing content for people.

Later, I was presented with SEO and copywriting while killing some time on YouTube. I knew this is it. It’s the career and the skill that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. I wrote tens of articles for free to learn and master this money-making skill.

After I graduated from the university, I knew it was high time I start my professional career. I joined the Upwork community; and ever since tens of clients were happy to pay me good money to get my words published on their websites or social media pages.

choose your own skill

Write your story by yourself!

This was the way I discovered I can make money online pursuing my passion. But it may be different for you. It can be this very article, it can be something someone said to you once. Or, you already know it and you’re just hesitant.

Take a piece of paper right now and write all the things that you’d love to do for the rest of your life. Anything so random from watching videos of funny cats to designing cars, to sleeping.

Then shorten the list based on which of these things are more popular and people may pay you to do them (or at least give you their attention). If it’s watching videos of cats, then you can start a reactions YouTube channel!

I have a friend who reacts to Kpop videos in her free time. She has more than 120,000 followers and she makes twice as much as her real-life job makes her only from ads (let alone collaborations)!

It’s the digital world buddy! You can be anything you want to be as long as you have the guts.

These are the most in-demand skills to learn in 2022

We checked more than one resource and no less than 5 of the most vibrant freelancing platforms to see what’s popular & and on hot demand. The list isn’t based on which skill is in hotter demand, it’s just eh, random? So, let’s GO:

1 – Copywriting & Blogging

I’m a narcissist, so I’ll start with my high-income skill. And you can’t stop me.

Writing in general is a skill that’s not going anywhere in a visual-oriented world. YouTube gets more than 1.2B visitors a month, while Wikipedia gets 2.5B!! If that’s not proof that people still -and will continue to read online I don’t know what would be. Also, remember that a big percentage of videos on YouTube need a script before any footage or animation is made.

But let’s face it, writing is not an easy thing to do. Unless you enjoy it, just don’t become one! But if you do and you’re a good writer, read the following tips carefully.

There is a huge difference between writing for yourself, your professors, and your friends on a piece of paper… and writing to make money online. There are some rules & restrictions that you must obey to create a copy that’s sold to sell. Still, it’s not like learning to write from scratch; the hard part is already done.

Writing’s sub-skills include -but aren’t limited to:
  • Copywriting: it’s probably where you should start. Copywriting is the act of writing content that makes people interested in taking action. Mainly to buy a product, install an app, or just continue reading like I’m doing to you right now ;). There are some psychological factors and restrictions, but worry not, nothing is tough for a reader or a writer!
  • SEO content writing: while you don’t necessarily have to be an SEO specialist to be a good writer, knowing the basic rules of SEO is essential because the vast majority of writing opportunities require some basic SEO knowledge. Mainly check videos and free courses on how to use keywords correctly in a blog.
  • Scriptwriting: tens of podcasters, YouTubers, and content creators need their content to be delivered on a plate of gold. Sparing them the pain of doing the research and analyses and then writing an engaging script can really pay your bills & exceed! Scripts writing doesn’t require you to be skilled, just a not-very-dumb human being who can check facts and write.

2 – SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a bunch of processes whose primary purpose is to drive more traffic to a specific landing page or a website. This is done by improving tens of aspects of a website’s components. It starts with choosing the right niche, keywords, topics, and copy length, to backlink building and off-page SEO.

Don’t panic already! I have no degree or any background in technology, yet I am a good SEO specialist! And you can too for sure. I recommend you invest no more than $100 on a good SEO course and either start your own blog or go get some clients in freelancing platforms.

3 – Development and Coding

For a period of my life, I used to think that if you learn a couple of coding languages you basically become a God on the web. You become Elliot Alderson. But little did I know about how broad the web is.

Coding and developing is a planet in itself. If you’re young enough to start learning these skills, Gosh the future is in your hand’s mate! I urge you if you’re under 20 to pick what sector you want to pursue and start learning it asap.

high-income skills for 2022
Mainly speaking, the most in-demand skills in this technological industry are:

1 – AI software development:

Artificial intelligence and learning machines are taking over thousands of jobs yearly. And yes, they’re creating a lot too! You can help make these metal zombies smarter, more efficient, and more functional… while increasing the income you add to your pocket. The demand for AI developers is increasing probably more than for any other skilled people. And it’s only likely to increase since we have giant companies like Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and SpaceX pouring countries’ economy worth to improve research in the AI world

2 – Cloud computing:

Cloud engineers are in charge of developing and managing cloud computing systems to enable end-users to store, back up, and access their data seamlessly and safely. The demand for cloud computing is increasing because more businesses are moving online and they have international employees who need to access a lot of data from anywhere on the planet. This puts pressure on cloud companies to deliver a world-class service to their clients. And they will pay you well if you can help them do that!

Cloud computing isn’t an overnight skill or a gift. It’s an advanced skill that takes years to develop. Mainly, the technical skills you must possess will revolve around coding and dispatching, performing migrations, and cyber security. So, if you’re looking for a university specialty that will pay the debt back for sure, cloud computing might be a wise choice.

3 – Mobile apps development:

learning how to develop iOS, Android, or HarmonyOS apps will just make you the richest dude in the family. Not only will you make thousands of dollars building apps for websites and businesses, but you can just come up with random ideas for apps, build them, and do some influencer marketing to get some users. Do this enough times and one app -could be a game- will get enough attention to make you a millionaire.

The technical sector is extremely broad and generously profitable too. If you’re really interested in this industry, we recommend this very good blog by Indeed on technical skills.

4 – Leadership & Teams Management

Leadership and management aim to improve teams’ performance and results. But the difference is how they achieve these goals.

  • Leadership is the act of visualizing how an idea can be brought into reality, or how a goal can be reached. This means that a good leader is a person who’s capable of persuading people to take actions they are convinced will bring results.
  • Management: on the other is the act of pushing people to take specific actions that are meant to achieve specific results, or bring specific ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter that the team sees the picture that the manager sees as long as they’re being pushed forward continuously.

If you watched the series Suits, then you must remember Louis and Harvey. Louis is a great example of a manager, whereas Harvey is a leader. If you haven’t, it’s a great series to watch if you’re into closing and communication.

Anyway, if you think you’re a result-driven type of person, then what’s left for you is to know which one you are. Do you tend to share and persuade people, or you’d rather keep it for yourself until you see the results?

You can learn more about Leadership VS. Management by checking our recent blog that highlights the differences and overlaps, and their future. We also provided insights about our business management system ;).

5 – Stand-up Comedy:

It’s pretty different than all the aforementioned skills, but it’s not any less profitable. Comedians are becoming more popular than any other form of public speaking.

In two years, Netflix Is a Joke got 1.2B views on YouTube, while Ted got 2.1 in 15 years!! Let alone the fact that Ted has way more content than Netflix’s channel does. This very fact means that people are willing to spend more time watching standup comedy than educational and inspirational content on the web.

Wherever people’s attention goes, the money follows. So, if you’re someone who can turn normal day life into hilarious jokes as Bill Burr does, then just get started! You can start by writing jokes and doing standups in front of your friends to get their feedback. Then improve those jokes and crack them in front of your camera, at school, or anywhere where you might get attention.

Be good enough, and people will notice. As Garyvee says: “Cream always rises, no matter how many cups of coffee you pour.” So, don’t care about how many comedians are out there, be the most skilled comedian, and invite me to your show (for free).

6 – Designing and Infographics

Designers and infographers will never run out of jobs. More and more companies are migrating online. So, they’d continuously need social media posts, graphs, banners…etc. Imagine how much you can charge one company if you design most of their content!!

It’s true that, as a newbie, you’d have to compete with Indians who design a logo for $5. But if you focus on delivering good artistic pieces, and you display your art in IG and a pro-Behance portfolio… rest assured that six-figure companies and beyond will keep on offering you good deals!

There are different sub-niches that you can master as a designer; which are UX, UI, Logo, Presentation Boards, Banners, Social Media Templates… etc.

7 – Video-Related Skills

People with basic video editing skills can make no less than $12 per hour working from the comfort of their homes. It’s very easy to learn a skill if you’re patient enough and have a good computer. You can literally learn this skill anywhere for free! One good course that I took myself is the one by Daniel Walter. It’s not extremely advanced, but this would certainly give you what it takes to get four figures per month deal.

Advanced video-related skills, such as 3D and motion graphics may take longer to master. But well-versed people can make no less than $50/h and they’d be busy for a very long time!

9 – VR Related Jobs

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta has just launched its new project Metaverse. It’s a VR universe that enables users to meet and talk in a 3D world. The metaverse isn’t just for fun and entertainment! It will help businessmen and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world meet without leaving their cells.

If you think this is normal, you may want to think again! This is the future! It speaks VR. So, mastering a skill that’s related to VR shall grant you a really bright future.

Disregarding Oculus and other Meta’s VR projects, many video game companies such as Beat Games spend millions of dollars to develop and maintain their VR games.

Some skills related to VR that you may want to learn include:

  • 3D Designing and Video Editing
  • 3D Modelling
  • Coding, Programming, Automation, Apps, and Software developing
  • CAD (computer-aided design)

8 – Data Analytics 

A data analyst is a skilled person who aims to extract useful information and make sense of collected data in order to help improve decisions making. To do so, a data analyst relies on different processes of collecting, inspecting, classifying, shortlisting, and cleansing the data. Then comes the phase of transforming the data into meaningful and readable charts and graphs. 

According to Wikipedia a data analyst “…has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, and is used in different business, science, and social science domains. In today’s business world, data analysis plays a role in making decisions more scientific and helping businesses operate more effectively.”

There are tons of good data analysis courses online that you can start with. But be prepared! The skill is actually demanding and, just like SEO, you have to keep on updating your knowledge and skills continuously. Yet, companies will pay you fairly to solve their problems and create dashboards and KPIs to improve their business model.

10 – Medical Sectors

As the world is still healing from the COVID-19 crisis, it became clearer than ever that we don’t have enough doctors, lab staff, or nurses to cover the global need in the medical sector. More viruses are expected to conquer our world more than ever before in this century, this means we’d need more lab researchers, biologists, and the list goes on!

Even if we disregard viruses, we’re still going to need a lot of doctors and nurses to take care of us and make our life healthier! If you feel like becoming one, just join that University already!

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[…] 10 In-Demand Skills for 2022 – Beat the Rat Race ASAP […]

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